Leadership Programmes

Bespoke Programmes

Custom leadership programmes with Leadership Trust.

Leadership Trust are experts in creating tailor-made courses to suit a range of business needs. With a proven track record of successfully designing and delivering bespoke leadership programmes for 50 years, we work with you to identify your needs and find the best route to resolve your business pain-points.

How does the bespoke leadership programme process work?

Our team work closely with everyone involved at your organisation, from your HR function to your CEO, in order to best identify your challenges and develop a leadership programme that puts your needs and desired outcomes at the forefront. By implementing our Leadership Trust models and experiential learning style into the design, we create an exclusive programme for your organisation.

What we do

  • Create tailor-made leadership development programmes for individuals and teams
  • Enable teams to determine goals and purpose across the organisation
  • Help leaders to acknowledge the need for behavioural change
  • Facilitate change management within organisations

Benefits of the Leadership Trust Custom Courses

Your individuals and teams will:

  • Be ready for both the known and unknown challenges ahead
  • Have increased clarity, engagement and performance
  • Be better at winning hearts and minds to deliver discretionary effort
  • Remove people barriers to change
  • Increase team collaboration across the organisation to improve outcomes
  • Accelerate innovation to meet the ever changing changing customer needs/expectations

Your organisation will:

  • Have a stronger competitive advantage
  • Deliver a sustainable performance driven by values and purpose
  • Benefit from accountable leadership at all levels
  • Have a positive, progressive and compassionate mindset at all levels
  • Achieve strategic and cultural alignment

To find out more information, or to see if bespoke courses are right for you, get in touch with our Business Success team today..