Welcome to LifeLong! Unlock the Leadership Trust magic with lifelong learning.

LifeLong is exclusive learning platform open to everyone who has participated in any of the Leadership Trust open programmes or bespoke training, whether that was recently or over the course of our history!

Our lifelong learning tools bring you a wealth of empowering resources and let you forge connections gained from nearly 50 years of working with leaders across the globe. Step up to your next level by continuing to grow and apply your leadership knowledge and skills, helping you thrive in today’s ever-evolving world.

What to expect from LifeLong Learning?

  1. Curated selection of premium Leadership Trust educational resources, industry insights and a facilitated private community chat forum for your professional development and support.
  2. Fuel for your intellectual curiosity with an enriching range of courses, workshops, and webinars led by our expert team, so you can continuously upskill and broaden your horizons at your own pace.
  3. Connect with fellow alumni who share your professional interests and ambitions. Whether they be from your cohort or a different class; forge meaningful relationships, collaborate on project solutions, and leverage the power of an extensive network to accelerate your career.
  4. Boost your professional growth and find additional ways of unlocking your personal power with early access to new offerings and opportunities, only available on the platform.
  5. Tailor your learning journey to your specific needs and interests. LifeLong is interactive and maximizes your time with adaptive learning paths.