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Experiential Learning
for better Leadership

Leadership Trust’s expertise is to equip individuals with the necessary human skills to be able to deliver on the organisation’s objectives at every stage in their career through experiential learning.

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Leadership Development is the process of increasing proficiency levels in each of the 12 skills which are required to be able to lead effectively. We start by identifying the needs both in the individuals and in the organisation. We then use experiential learning to develop the relevant skills based on a fully customized learning plan. We then ensure that this is put into practice back into the organisation through coaching and bespoke programmes. Our programmes come with a full evaluation process to ensure the programme has achieved its aim.

Our Learning Pathways

Leadership Development is a lifelong journey. We provide support at every transition in a career.

To maximise the outcome of the individual’s leadership development, we use coaching and bespoke programmes to make sure all the new skills align to serve the purpose of the organisation.

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