Applied learning is lifelong learning.

Leadership Development is expensive, it takes time and it is not necessarily a smooth and pleasant experience. A key question is therefore how can you ensure that you receive the best return on investment?

Any kind of training, particularly when based on your personal development, is best when it is applied back to real-life situations. These are the principles behind adult learning and competency-based learning. One learns by doing. We want to be able to see and apply the skills we have learnt progressively in the real world and then observe the impact of those actions.

This theory has been tried and tested for half a century at the Leadership Trust, in the form of the Kolb Cycle. As you can see the model suggests that those looking to work on their personal development, do it best when they move through the 3 stages of the learning cycle.

Image of Kolb cycle

  • Do: What do you want to achieve? How will you achieve it? And what will you need to achieve it?
  • Review: Were the objectives achieved? What went well, and what could you do better?
  • Apply: Applying the learning and reflections back in the workplace and in your personal life. What are the impacts of those changes?

Focussing on each of the 3 stages of this cycle can help to ensure that learning sticks and can effectively be applied back to the workplace. But the process is not a quick fix, nor is it easy. And this is exactly where a lot of companies lose their investment in training. The training itself is only a small part of the overall programme. Arguably the most important is to ensure implementation after the intervention.

So how can we help?

Specialising in experiential learning, at the Leadership Trust we believe that applied learning is a process of lifelong transformation. Our interventions are life-changing: We deliver high-quality experiential learning programmes which help to create light bulb moments, in a safe environment, and most importantly in a caring way. And key to providing a return on investment to those who invest in people growth, we have added a number of arrows to our quiver to support the post-intervention implementation and long-lasting behaviour change.

Lifelong access to Lifelong

Because personal development is a lifelong process, we have developed our own online learning platform to help achieve exactly that. It provides our alumni with constant reminders and ongoing support to ensure that learning leads to behaviour change. Lifelong is our lasting development platform and can be accessed directly via the app on your phone, or on your computer; updated regularly with new content to help refresh and embed learning. If you are a member of our Alumni and would like to unlock your exclusive access to Lifelong please do get in touch at 

We have also designed a new course based exactly on this principle. We have called it Cultivate. Two short residential modules enable delegates to escape to the beautiful Herefordshire countryside and invest the time and space needed to achieve lightbulb moments through experiential learning. These are bridged by four online workshops, which develop complementary knowledge and skills. When woven together with the support of one-to-one coaching and triangular coaching (involving the delegate’s organisation sponsor), it is the best combination to see direct results in action.

We have also added regular check-ins and events, and we are always at the end of an email or phone call to discuss more tailored support.

If you would like to get in touch, please feel free to email us, or leave us a message.


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