Why is communication important for leaders?

What makes a good leader?


There may not be much to differentiate between the word “leader” – the individual that manages a team or individual, and “leadership”, the methods and style that they lead with. But, in today’s society, their difference couldn’t be bigger.

There’s good leadership, bad leadership and everything in between. So, what does leadership mean to you?


Many people begin by explaining what leadership is… but, it’s actually easier to explain what it isn’t. Too commonly, people assume that being a senior within a company, automatically makes them ready to lead a team of their own, but sometimes it’s the employees in junior roles that show natural leadership qualities. But leadership isn’t just defined within the workplace either – you could be a natural leading figure within your sports team, family, or, neighbourhood, without having a specific title.


Emma Watson. Not everyone would view her as being a typical leader, but she is an influential woman and activist within society, with arguably strong leadership qualities. Known mostly for her career in acting, but, also more recently as a U.N. Goodwill Women Ambassador. From creating her own campaign, HeforShe, encouraging men to help break the mould and fight for gender equality, to being one of the most influential feminists, she could be considered to be a leader in standing up for women’s rights.

Greta Thunberg. No doubt you’ve all heard of the 17-year-old, leading the biggest movement in the battle against climate change. Followed by millions of people worldwide, her several addresses to big political bodies, such as the United Nations have certainly not gone unnoticed. Channelling her passion through her direct delivery, politicians across the world have began to take the issue more seriously.

What do these individuals have in common?

Obviously, they are both very passionate and knowledgeable about their campaigns, but they are also very strong communicators. Their campaigns have been in the public eye several times and have a huge following. Although they don’t fit within the “mainstream definition” of a leader, they are successfully leading a movement, and have attracted a large following. It’s how they convey their message, and the strong communicative skills that they use that makes them stand out. So why are skills such as communication important?

Communication is often described as one of the primary foundations for effective leadership, and to be honest, it couldn’t be more true Communication is built on trust, so it is imperative that good relationships are built throughout your organisation. A team cannot perform effectively if they do not have clear direction from their leader, but also, a clear communication path at all levels within the company.

I’ll leave you with a quote….

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