Age and diversity on Leadership.

Age and diversity on Leadership.

Take a look into your team, is there a diverse age range?


With the average working age increasing, many workplaces are seeing the age ranges within their workforce widening. From baby boomers, to generation z. These generations all have different abilities and skillsets to bring to the table, and also have differing work life preferences. As a leader, it is up to you to harness the wealth of skills and knowledge within your entire team, regardless of age or length of service.

Age diversity has huge benefits for a business. The different skills brought to the table help to encourage greater innovation and creativity, therefore, enabling business solutions to be met. differently to one another.

That’s not to say that working with a team made out of many generations is always a walk in the park. As a leader having to manage a team with a myriad of needs, approaches and skillsets this can be a challenging experience.  In order to maintain this talent, leaders need to understand how their employees work best.

Career development is one of the most imperative factors to your workforce. This is not just for the youngest members of your team though – having clear development opportunities to all ages and levels within your organisation is important, especially as we all progress and learn at different paces. Encouraging teams to work together helps to bring teams closer, encouraging collaborative working and new ideas to fruition.

Think about a traditional C suite board. How often is there anyone under the age of 30, or 40 even,  on the panel. Why is that? Is it due to a lack of experience? 

I am a part of the upcoming Generation Z – right at the start of my career. For many people my age, getting offered their first job can be difficult; likely due to their lack of experience in the sector/job role, or by not having the correct qualifications and knowledge to hit the ground running.

But this can also be a similar struggle faced by employees coming towards the last couple of decades of their working life. Quite often they struggle to change jobs, as they might not have the knowledge of the modern working practises that businesses may be starting to implement as they grow and emerge into new markets.

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On the other hand, these are arguably the most needed members of any team. Bringing knowledge only earned through experience and well-built connections that can benefit the organisation. When the young and old come together there’s an fantastic opportunity for learning. It’s often when the new innovative minds of the upcoming workforce, and the traditional skills brought to the table from the experienced, when the most creativity and innovation takes place.

So what are the benefits of having a diverse workforce?

I’ve already mentioned the benefit of a vast skillset, and greater learning opportunities, but having a diverse workforce can also help your business to understand their customers better..  Reason? The different backgrounds and life experiences of your employees can help to make your company more appealing to the public.

So what steps are we taking at Leadership Trust to help boost diversity on our programmes?

We have recently published a pledge to increase the number of Black delegates on our Leadership in Management courses. After acknowledging that very few Black and Minority Ethnic people were attending. We would like to work with organisations and individuals to see this change.

Our Pledge

Leadership Trust pledges to hold 14  places for Black British delegates on the Leadership in Management courses in 2021, in order to mirror the proportion of Black British individuals of working age in the UK.

Leadership Trust pledge on Black leadership in the UK

In conclusion, there are a great number benefits from having a diverse workforce and diverse management teams. With proof that companies with multicultural, gender diverse boards are not only more profitable, but also more adaptable to change. In a turbulent economic environment, it’s in our interests to ensure diversity of thought to encourage a more sustainable organisation.

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Kathryn Taylor

Digital Marketing Assistant

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