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The Challenge

Ready to accept the challenge by Leadership Trust?

Are you ready to take on the challenge

The Challenge, from Leadership Trust is an intense, fully online, experiential game. You will work in teams to win a fictional situation chosen by our highly experienced Leadership Trust team. Test your mettle, flex your negotiation skills and have fun with your colleagues.

This is a great team building activity without the mud, ‘trust falls’ or travel! There are multiple challenges to choose from, all  testing and building on your team’s ability to communicate effectively.

Split into two parts, The Challenge will give you the opportunity to work in teams to solve problems within a simulated, safe environment. You will then be led through a fully facilitated review session. Within these sessions, you can explore what you learned during your time in The Challenge. This is a fantastic team building activity for your entire organisation or individual teams.

Learn what makes you tick, build on your communication skills and have fun whilst doing it. This isn’t your ordinary business skills workshop.

The Challenge will last approximately 3 hours in total and can be arranged for a date and time to suit you. Because this is a completely online game, The Challenge is suitable for remote teams working across worldwide locations. 

Current challenge scenarios to choose from

The Challenge list of challenges from Leadership Trust

The Challenge is suitable for groups of up to 8 people. Us the game to break down silos within your team. Give your team a fun activity in which to improve their communication skills, in a gamified setting. This interactive team building activity was created with CEOs and organisations of all sizes in mind after listening to feedback from trusted alumni, and workshopping. The Challenge is a great chance to explore your team dynamics and create some epic shared experiences, all within a safe environment, reflective of the real world.

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