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Great teams
don’t just happen.

Turn your teams into the high performers that will accelerate your business growth.

For teams of 7-9 people – a leadership development course uniquely aimed at creating high performing, objective delivering teams.

What the High Performing Teams Package does:

  • Create committed, cohesive teams sharing a single purpose
  • Enhance essential communication and networking abilities
  • Boost leadership skills to act as one, but impact as many
  • Deliver teams aligned to your critical business objectives

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High performance Teams Package

Laying the ground

Before the course starts we meet your senior stakeholders to discover team objectives and what your business needs the outcomes to be. Then we tailor the course accordingly.

Maximising the results

After your teams have attended, we spend a follow-up day with you to align what they’ve learned with what your business plans call for. We ensure those lessons are embedded, relevant and are enacted by your teams in the most practical and effective ways for your organisation.

Pursuing the goal

Finally the course also includes a free, one-to-one coaching session with every delegate, focused on helping them use what they’ve learned to pursue better business performance.

Choose a leadership development course

You'll find an Open Course for every stage of your leadership development,
from first rungs on the ladder to guiding a business from the very top.

Leading with

For teams with some
Leadership Development

Make a difference.
Hone your skills and
understanding for the
greatest effect.

3 days
£3,200 per delegate

Leadership in

For teams with minimal
Leadership Development

Welcome chaos. Give your managers
the skills that will help them flex
with every new challenge, and turn
it to an opportunity.

5 days
£3,500 per delegate

Leadership for

For experienced
leadership teams

Create electricity.
Galvanise change in your business
and realise your full potential as
a motivating leader.

3 days
£3,500 per delegate

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