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Organisational capability

Shaping a fertile culture to align your people, leaders and teams behind a common purpose

The opportunity


of organisations do not define and publish the long-term purpose of their organisations, yet the most important characteristics of highly effective leaders and managers in the 21st century are a clear sense of purpose. 

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Unite your people, leadership, and teams behind a common purpose, and prepare the ground for new ideas to take root.

When organisations strive to deliver commercial and social value, their culture and purpose are critical in determining how their individuals and teams will generate value.

Bringing your people together around a shared purpose is the first step to shaping a fertile culture for change. When everyone knows where they’re heading, they get behind the vision. 

Are your organisation’s leadership, teams and culture aligned so everyone shares a common purpose and aims for growth, success and improved performance?

Only then will your people be ready to embrace the challenges, complexities and opportunities of today’s uncertain world.

Who this is for:

Organisations that align the leadership skills of their people, the mindsets of their teams and their culture generate clarity, sustainability and higher performance. This will help organisations who have:

  • An unclear purpose and direction that leads to conflicting priorities
  • Senior people who aren’t working together as a team and haven’t committed to a new direction  
  • Leaders who haven’t acknowledged necessary changes in their own behaviour
  • A top-down leadership style prevents honest conversation about challenges
  • A lack of coordination across businesses, functions or regions
  • New leaders or investors struggling to increase the pace of change 

Intensely experiential

All our tailored leadership programmes are intensely experiential, because learning that changes behaviour comes through ‘doing’ not ‘talking’ and experiencing challenging tasks that create an emotional impact first so people can see the impact on their performance. Examples below:

Building high performance teams

Building effective leadership under testing conditions to create high performing individuals and teams.

Dealing with challenges

One-to-one coaching combined with a leadership audit that helps individuals apply and embed their learning.

Leading change and building resilience

Developed for managers leading change within an organisation to provide a practical toolkit that supports the delivery of change & innovation.

Energising senior teams to drive performance

For Directors looking to energise their senior teams, generate the ambition to create and deliver the organisation’s strategy.

The benefits

What a rigorous approach to organisational performance will make happen

Your individuals and teams will

  • Be ready for the known and unknown challenges ahead
  • Have increased clarity, engagement and performance
  • Be better at winning hearts and minds to deliver discretionary effort
  • Remove people barriers to change
  • Increase team collaboration across the organisation to improve outcomes
  • Accelerate innovation to meet changing customer needs


Your organisation will

  • Have a stronger competitive advantage
  • Deliver a sustainable performance driven by values and purpose
  • Benefit from accountable leadership at all levels
  • Have a positive, progressive and compassionate mindset at all levels
  • Achieve strategic and cultural alignment

Client success stories

The Leadership Trust clearly understood our business challenge. We needed a leadership development programme that could respond to our business reality – a complex environment. They grasped that, and they made it happen.

Knauf Insulation
Virginie Limbourg, HR Talent and Development Manager

Forging leadership to drive
change and champion new projects.

In 2015, Knauf Insulation was looking for a re-energised and refreshed sales approach to overcome challenges in a fast changing market. Essential to its success would be champions who could see the project through.

Knauf asked The Leadership Trust – their training partners for more than ten years – to put together a bespoke leadership development course to support their Effective Sales Force Excellence programme. Three years later, the course is still driving great leadership skills and high-performance behaviours.


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