Tailored leadership
development programmes

Beneath the surface

Having worked with hundreds of organisations we know that every one is different and the ‘real needs’ often lie beneath the surface. Therefore any programme we put together is driven by two key criteria: it can only come after a deep analysis of your enterprise and its people; it must be tailored to your context, and the challenges and market forces faced by both.

Understand and design

We achieve that through a rigorous analysis of where your business wants to go and where great leadership could take it. We get to know you, your people and your challenges ambition, and together we design a tailored programme that will embrace and address them all – relationships, communication, engagement, cultural change, motivation, delivery, team interaction and much more.

Adapt and deliver

Sometimes an organisation’s real leadership needs take time to surface, so we create and deliver our programmes in segments, keeping them easy to adapt and refine as your requirements change. Those requirements will be unique; so too will be the programme we create.

Our 4D Process

This process works as a continuous loop rather than as a linear set of actions.

Discover your organisation’s context, challenges and desired outcomes. (If you’re happy we can even ‘embed’ one of our course directors in your offices to experience and fully appreciate the issues you face.)

Design a solution, in consultation with you, informed by our work with a wide range of clients and the decades of experience brought by our broad and diverse Delivery Team.

Deliver a targeted programme structured to make the optimum use of delegates’ time, and the maximum use of all the resources we can put at your disposal.

Determine together what this programme must do for you – the outcomes it needs to achieve as well as the monitoring and reporting frameworks that will tell us how it’s doing, and where it might need to change.

Our leadership audit

We’ve developed a review framework that specifically explores how your organisation supports and encourages leadership, creating and maintaining the conditions for success.

We assess it as an inner strength (how it should be) rather than a ‘bolt-on’.

By examining how your organisation paves the way for leadership we can shape your future leaders to deliver the greatest impact.

We’ll also tell you where your own leadership pitfalls might be, and what could be stopping you getting the best from the leaders you have now, and the ones you’ll have next.


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