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A personal and confidential service which helps leaders apply and embed their learning and tackle the specific situational requirements facing them and their leadership.

Who this will help

Successful and effective senior people who want to continue their development. Who are responsible for leading the overall direction of an organisation as a whole, or in a senior or middle management position.

How it will advance them

Our coaching clients receive the challenging and confidential support of a trusted ally that:

  • believes fundamentally in their capacity to excel, encourages and helps them take the learning from the delays and disappointments,
  • creates a calm and reflective space for them away from the distractions of home or office life to get their perspectives clear and their priorities straight,
  • has the conversations that they’ve been putting off,
  • listens intently and without judgement as they talk through their challenges and explore their options,
  • asks the questions that will provoke new insights, which will provoke new behaviour, which will create new results,
  • reflects back to them the impression they give with their words and actions,
  • helps them detect and overcome the obstacles they’ve been putting in their own way over the years

The benefits

  • grow self awareness and develop self mastery – cornerstones of effective leadership,
  • perform at your peak, with confidence and clarity of purpose,
  • time out from the day-to-day to focus on what really matters,
  • raise your sights to tackle big challenges confidently
  • feel refreshed and reinvigorated

Our coaching service

We have developed a strong pool of over 30 professional coaches with senior leadership experience across the breadth of the commercial, public sector and the world of sport.

We recommend a chemistry match meeting to ensure we select the right coach for you.


To find out more email us or call us at 01989 767667.

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04 MAY 2021 MAY 04 2021

Coaching Skills for Leaders

£1995 / 43 days

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Coaching Skills for Leaders

£1995 / 43 days


Need greater flexibility?

Our open programmes can also be tailored and customised for your needs


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