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Millennials are special,
just like everyone else.

From the earliest days of the Leadership Trust it’s been in our DNA to question hierarchy and the value it has for any organisation in search of truly empowering and effective leadership.

Break hierarchies down and innovation blossoms, that’s what we’ve found. It’s something our Special Forces heritage regularly tested and proved to us and, inspiringly, it’s what the current crop of Millennials is showing us too – proof that the lessons of 40 years ago still have a razor-sharp relevance for today.

For many Millennials work is broken. The traditional tools are too slow, collaboration is neither easy nor social enough, there are deal-breakers in recruiting them that previous generations would barely have noted.

They are the first digital natives, at ease in the world of virtual communication and who see little use for hierarchy when game-changing ideas can come from anywhere, any device, any member of the team. It’s what years of social media have taught them, and they don’t really see why business doesn’t get it…

So how do we treat them? No differently from anyone else.

They are still young people seeking the confidence to make their mark, who need help to find their place in an organisation and the skills to lead within it. The principles that hold true for turning them into great leaders hold true for everyone else and are the philosophies we’ve followed since our inception.

We believe that any member of an organisation can have valuable ideas and deserves the chance to propose them – even if he or she started this morning and at the lowest level.

Yes Millennials have the capacity to bring new talents and new approaches to companies across the world – but what a blunting of their potential to presume they come fully formed for leadership just because this is the generation that sanctioned Facebook…

Just like everyone else they need guidance to master their talents, discover their own leadership style, and work out how their ideas can reach through the business to the greatest effect.


Millennials are special, just like everyone else.


Jon Davidge

Head of Learning and Training Development

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