Make sure that who’s next
is also who’s best.

All roles have a shelf life; every baton will one day need to pass. However, knowing so certainly doesn’t make it any easier, and planning yourself out of a job can be one of the most emotional tests a leader faces.

You are bound to wonder if your successor can truly do the job as well as you and when is the right time to go (answer, almost always sooner than you think).

Seamless succession only comes through a lot of forward planning… and a little help to let go. We can coach your people through the process, guiding your senior members towards the leadership qualities that encourage them to give away power early, in good time for their successors to grow used to the role and accept accountability, and to do it while resisting the temptation to micromanage.

Embracing trust, delegation and the opportunities within transition are fundamental skills behind an effective succession process and we can assist your organisation to put all those essential elements in place.


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