Leadership Learning is for everyone.

Leadership Learning is for everyone.

When you’re working as part of a team, everyone is expected to pull their weight to help contribute to the overall objective. Sure, each employee has their own roles/responsibilities and skill sets to bring to the table; but, the business would struggle to run as effectively without them.  However, it is up to the leader to provide the team with the toolkit to do their jobs effectively.

Being in a leadership capacity is completely different to being a leader. Think about it. Everyone has had experience or has at least seen poor leadership at some point… would you go as far to say that they are a leader?

The teacher that was unable to control the class, the poorly organised event, and maybe even poor leadership on a much bigger scale… at that point in time they didn’t really Lead, they were just in the leadership role.

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So what actually is the role of a leader?

A leader must be able to encourage, unite and invigorate their team, and the business objectives. Previously,  I’ve touched on examples of leaders, and I always come back to Emma Watson being one of the unconventional leaders of this generation.

How?  Well I know that she isn’t the immediate example that comes to mind, but, she is an influential woman and activist within society, with arguably strong leadership qualities. Known mostly for her career in acting, but, also more recently as a U.N. Goodwill Women Ambassador. From creating her own campaign, HeforShe, encouraging men to help break the mould and fight for gender equality, to being one of the most influential feminists, she could be considered to be a leader in standing up for women’s rights.

So, she is a great example of how Leadership skills are for everyone. Whether you are leading a team of 100 employees, or even a small sports game on the weekends – you still have to have the leadership skills to achieve your goals.  Personal development is a continual process… there will of course be skills to learn along the way too.

One way to develop would be from looking at your successes and learning from your failures, it’s  important to really understand what is classed as a “win” for you and your team, as well as having the skills in place to continuing it. Feedback is a huge aspect in achieving this. Being able to accept and receive feedback candidly, is a great way of progressing your personal development.

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So, how can we help?

Leadership Trust bring about meaningful change within both individuals and organisations – not shying away from feelings and encourage our participants to also.

Human’s learn through doing, therefore our programmes are based around this idea. Based on experiential learning methodology, delegates have the opportunity to run through life-like scenarios and grow.

Our approach to changing behaviour, giving individuals and organisations, is based with the fundamental belief that in order to lead others, you must first know and control yourself. Participants are able to understand the impact of their behaviour, and are fully supported throughout the process.

If you want to find out more about our approach to Leadership Development, visit our website or get in touch with a member of our team.


Kathryn Taylor

Digital Marketing Assistant

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