/ Leadership for Directors

Leadership for Directors

£4,500 + VAT

What's included

3 day residential course inc accommodation and meals

Accommodation and all meals included as well as Bed & Breakfast the night before.

360 leadership audit and feedback session

360 degree feedback is an assessment process, which evaluates performance by getting feedback from your co-workers, managers, direct reports, internal and external customers, as well as yourself. The survey aims to assess the leadership behaviour, strengths and development needs of individuals.

Pre-programme briefing

Call before programme to ensure you are fully prepared and have everything you need.

Post programme coaching session

One-to-one follow up coaching session over the phone.

Generate and focus your organisation’s energy. Electrify change and reach your full potential as a masterful leader.

Who this will help:

Those looking to energise their teams, generate the excitement and ambition to deliver the organisation’s strategy, rev up its performance and create a culture of success. This is leadership for those who know that the technical excellence that got them where they are, is no longer the greatest contribution they must offer the many who depend upon them.

How it will advance them:

This is a rare opportunity for experienced leaders to reflect in-depth on their own leadership abilities, and the emotional rewards that come from leading and inspiring others. Safe, yet challenged in the company of fellow directors, this is the opportunity to turn strengths into mastery. Our 360 Leadership Audit and an expert coach will help set development objectives and build a roadmap to meet them. The coach will continue the journey with you, as you implement your plans back at work.

The benefits:

  • Recognise and refine the impact you have as a leader not just in driving performance but also in shaping your organisation’s soul and culture.
  • Understand the secrets of truly inspiring and motivating those around you.
  • Fully realise the benefits of effective empowerment and what it can mean for your teams and your business targets.
  • A completely personalised programme. Tailored to address the business needs you face now as well as your long-term leadership goals.
  • Coached from beginning to end by our experts and mentored by fellow participants who are at your level of seniority and ‘get it’ too.

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Leadership for Directors

£4500 / 3 days / Ross-on-Wye


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