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Leadership development for the retail industry

Building leadership teams who cultivate customer engagement and loyalty in an omni-channel world

Many of the issues facing retail today are founded on engagement: engaging customers, securing their loyalty, then motivating your workforce to be invested in that vision. Leadership that demonstrates strong empathetic and engagement skills is key to making that work. It’s also a major advantage in an industry undergoing a revolution in how, what and where customers buy.


of UK consumers only shop trusted brands


By 2025 there will be 900,000 fewer UK jobs


Retail is 29% less productive than the rest of the UK economy

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Retail challenges

Digital channels demand digital leadership

In the omni-channel world customers are learning to expect seamless interactions at every touch point. It’s a transition even the biggest brands struggle to get right. Insightful leadership from smart digital natives is imperative to its realisation, as well as the continuous innovation that keeps companies agile and ahead of the competition.

Meeting and beating customer expectation

Customers have never been less loyal. They often swap allegiances on marginal differences in delivery time, technology, apps or experience. You need leadership teams ready to ask tough questions of your ability to serve your customer base. And that can be taught.

Leadership that lives the brand

Your brand vision should live in every level of your organisation. Customers are quick to recognise when that’s not the case and they take their trust elsewhere. Spreading empathetic leadership throughout your organisation can make that vision real for all your employees. It will embed it in a way customers sense and appreciate.

Creating a motivational culture

Your ‘people on the ground’ may have ideas that could galvanise your business. How can you unlock them? Empowering a culture that embraces ‘leadership from everywhere’ will unearth talent and innovation wherever it sits in your organisation.

Driving customer engagement

Leadership teams that genuinely want to know and engage with your customers will deliver more than any loyalty card ever could. Bring out those relationship building skills and watch as personalisation swaps from a sales technique to a transforming mission.

How we help businesses tackle these challenges

  • We’ll develop the communication skills that will help your people bring your brand values to life at every level of the organisation.
  • We’ll enhance your teams’ motivational and inspirational skills, testing them in realistic scenarios, guided by our experts.
  • By challenging their ideas on leadership and innovation we’ll unlock the thinking that will lead to better products and greater customer engagement.
  • And we can develop the ‘leadership from everywhere’ culture that will get the most from your Millennials and digital natives in an ever more digital world.

Leadership development that suits you

Tailored Programmes

Created uniquely for your organisation’s challenges and the leaders you need your team to be.


Open courses

Well-proven programmes designed to address the key leadership issues all organisations face.


Client success stories

“I couldn’t recommend a course more. It’s made operations run much smoother, and with a clear and focused path towards goals and outcomes.”

Paul Morgan
Caffè Nero’s Operations Director

Teams re-energised. Morale
uplifted. Growth bubbling.

To keep on track with its ambitious growth plans, Caffè Nero realised it needed to grow a new leadership generation – one that could coach staff in innovative problem solving, and manage multicultural teams frequently spread over wide areas.


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