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Leadership development for Professional Services

Forging the all-round leadership that will help you thrive in a time of transformation

Today sees a greater call than ever for all-round leadership in Professional Services. Functional skills alone are not enough when cultural change, regulatory pressures and digital technology are all in the mix. Transforming your people into ‘whole’ leaders who can move beyond their technical skills will make the difference. They’ll coax more from your teams and prepare the ground as traditional roles and business models shift around you.


of professional services firms claim that Brexit has had a negative impact on their business


of UK legal firms say that innovation is critical to differentiate


of UK professional services develop their people to tackle digital disruption

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Legal services challenges

Creating your next leadership generation

‘Whole’ leadership combines technical expertise with motivational talents. It’s the mix that can take employees on a mission to deliver competitive advantage for their firm. And you’ll surface your next generation of leaders in the process.

Leading in a time of transformation

Cultural change has swept through the legal profession upending its male/female mix and stance on issues like home working and work/life balance. It’s a time of transformation, and smart leadership teams will spot ways to turn that to their firm’s advantage.

Let partner ambition energise your creativity

As Law Society deregulation opens more doors to non-lawyers becoming partners, this presents a huge opportunity to widen the diversity, talents and leadership styles of your key executives.

Adding value to your advice

Commercially astute professionals see the benefits of being able to advise clients strategically, backed by a rich understanding how their businesses and sectors work. Training your people to think this way will spread your risk and open a route to new clients.

Embedding innovation

Will you be a pioneer in embracing new technology or sit in the 50% of law firms waiting for others to blaze the way (and score the early wins…)? Leadership development can guide your teams to the innovations that will work for you and exploit fresh opportunities.

Accountancy firm challenges

Recognising the importance of your ‘digital natives’ and encouraging their leadership abilities has significant advantages for your organisation. You’ll be ready to roll with digital trends, retain talent in an industry known for its churn, and handle evolving customer demands.

The impact of all-round leadership

Functional skills alone are no longer enough to make great leaders. Empathy and emotional intelligence are key to strong all-round leadership. They’re skills that can be taught, and will help break entrenched legacy attitudes holding your firm back.

Leading for a digital world

Digital technology is transforming accountancy. Intelligent accounting systems will have a significant impact over the next decade. Developing your digital natives into digital leaders will keep your firm among the disruptors rather than the disrupted.

Getting the most from your Millennials

Millennial workforces want to be part of a shared vision and demand openness from the companies they work for. That can be hard to embrace for a traditional leadership. Reshaping your leadership culture won’t just attract the best new talent, it will also help your most ambitious and innovative people make the biggest impact on your firm.

Successful succession

Good succession planning has a double benefit. It helps older, retiring leaders pass on their experience, while opening routes to the top for your brightest talent – the talent that will lead the next generation of your firm.

Making new partnership models work

As accountancy shifts from the traditional partnership model to employee ownership, this presents an opportunity to develop a business where everyone is driving it to success. Enlightened leaders see this, and with help, can seize the chance to spread empowering leadership throughout the organisation.

How we help businesses tackle these challenges

  • We’ll guide your people to ‘whole’ leadership … rounded, empathetic, motivational. The best combination to move your company forward.
  • We’ll get them ready for a time of transformation, sharpening their reflexes for a volatile, uncertain and challenging world.
  • We can coach your senior teams in the fresh thinking that spots new opportunities, innovates with impact and solves succession issues.
  • And we’ll help you find your next generation of leaders, attracting and surfacing the Millennial talent that will secure your digital future.

Leadership development that suits you

Tailored Programmes

Created uniquely for your organisation’s challenges and the leaders you need your team to be.


Open Courses

Well-proven programmes designed to address the key leadership issues all organisations face.


Client success stories

“We saw some fantastic organisations, but the Leadership Trust just got us... The buzz from those who went on the programme was more than I could have hoped for.”

Olivia Parrish
Group Head of HR, Haines Watts

Reinventing leadership at every
level of a complex organisation.

The board of leading accountancy practice Haines Watts decided that leadership development needed to be reinvented across the organisation. But it had to be a flexible programme that could support leadership and career planning at every level, and, vitally, help Haines Watts retain their best talent.


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