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Leadership development for the manufacturing industry

Helping manufacturers secure success and seize opportunities in a digital future

Digital technology is driving the future of manufacturing. Without a leadership team ready to embrace its advantages, the profits it can bring will bypass many UK firms. Manufacturing finds itself at the very heart of the 4th Industrial Revolution, but seeks the leadership to capitalise on it. Develop it and your business will be a thriver, not just a survivor.


of UK manufacturers can’t find skilled workers


of UK manufacturers consider digital manufacturing a critical driver of competitiveness


of manufacturers say digital is a leadership priority

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Manufacturing challenges

Leadership for a digital future

Even though 80% of the industry says digital manufacturing is crucial to competitiveness, only 13% think they have a ‘high’ chance of making it work. That’s a dangerous gap. You’ll need a new style of leadership, throughout your business to see it, understand it, and fix it.

Automation, productivity and a can-do culture

Automation could transform your company’s productivity, but so many businesses allow entrenched attitudes to deny them its full potential. Leadership teams who can change the culture and carry people with them will embed the innovation you need.

Creating new service proposition opportunities

Nearly half of UK manufacturers see the provision of services as a route to new revenue. Less than a third are equipped to sell them. With the right development your people could lead this charge, drive competitiveness and build new customer relationships.

Fixing skill shortages

Skills shortages are impacting business. There’s a missing generation of highly skilled employees, and some of your top people are preparing to retire. These are new and acute workforce issues your organisation may not have encountered before. The right training will help your people predict and prepare for them.

A leadership ready to reshore

There is a growing trend in businesses returning production to the UK – 15% against 4% going offshore. Are you equipped to take advantage of the rush to reshore?

How we help businesses tackle these challenges

  • We’ll bring out the leadership skills that deliver cultural change, embrace innovation and sweep away old attitudes holding your enterprise back
  • By challenging your people’s approach to ‘business as usual’, we’ll kick start their hunger for new deals, new business models and greater competitiveness.
  • We’ll develop the talents that will help them recruit smartly, fix key skill shortages and adapt your company to a changing workforce landscape.
  • By giving them the confidence to lead for innovation, they’ll be ready to seek out the digital tools and techniques that will transform your business.

Leadership development that suits you

Tailored Programmes

Created uniquely for your organisation’s challenges and the leaders you need your team to be.


Open Courses

Well-proven programmes designed to address the key leadership issues all organisations face.


Client success stories

“From concept to execution, the discussions we now have around strategy, numbers and the industry are far better.”

Muhammad Shoaib
HR Business Partner

Creating leadership to deliver
growth in a challenging industry

In 2012, dairy product-based business Engro Foods Ltd realised its industry was facing considerable challenges. It would need a flexible and innovative sales team to give it an advantage in an ever-toughening market.

With the Leadership Trust they developed a coaching programme that focused on trust, resourcefulness and execution – a programme soon rolled out beyond sales to every department in the organisation.


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