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Leadership development for the Financial Services sector

Helping Financial Services firms stay nimble and innovative through inspiring leadership

Stay agile, nurture your talent, inspire your customers – these are the characteristics that will help Financial Service organisations prosper in the coming years of ever accelerating digital transformation. Each needs its own leadership ‘fix’, but bring them together and you’ll have a team that can give your business the rapid reactivity that will outpace your competition.


of the UK workforce is employed in Financial Services, producing nearly 12% of total economic output


of leaders believe their firms aren’t preparing for digital disruption


of Millennials want to lead and inspire others

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Sam Powell Financial Services Specialist
Financial services challenges

Keeping your firm agile and evolving

Agile organisations are best placed to make the most of digital trends, but fewer than half consider themselves nimble enough to escape digital disruption. If your key leadership teams know how to implement continuous evolution, they can maintain the fleet-footedness that keeps your business ahead.

Retaining talent, growing great leadership

More than half of employees in the industry will leave their employers in the next three years. The Financial Services sector does not excel at retaining talent. Empathetic leadership skills will help you keep your best people.

Staying on top of regulatory pressures

As regulation becomes more complex, training has to race to keep up, placing stress on firms and their leadership teams. They need support to cope with the pressure and prevent that pressure from slowing business to a crawl.

Turning Millennials into your secret weapon

Millennials have enormous energy, but in return for contributing it, they expect a greater say in their careers and place in the business. Getting the best from Millennials is a skill. Is it one your organisation’s leaders possess?

Motivating teams to meet customer demands

Leadership that can motivate your people to engage with customers will keep your firm flexible enough to cope with those customers’ evolving demands. But true inspiration goes beyond the carrots of promotion and bonus.

How we help businesses tackle these challenges

  • We’ll shape your leadership teams for an agile future, developing the skills and confidence to react fast and smart to rapid, disruptive changes.
  • We’ll help you retain and attract the best talent through leadership development that offers genuine improvement, advancement and business benefit.
  • By enhancing the motivational powers of your leaders, you’ll get more from your teams and a greater engagement with your customers.
  • And by developing your Millennials and digital natives into a new leadership generation, you’ll be primed for the future.

Leadership development that suits you

Tailored Programmes

Created uniquely for your organisation’s challenges and the leaders you need your team to be.


Open courses

Well-proven programmes designed to address the key leadership issues all organisations face.


Client success stories

When Investors In People examined Evolve, they declared it an “excellent methodology to define the requirements of future leaders”. The collaboration with the Leadership Trust helped The West Brom earn IIP Gold Status.

Investors In People,
examining the Evolve programme

Be bolder. Feel
stronger. Lead better.

The West Brom building society wanted a step change in its people development, shaping future leaders who could pilot the business towards a high-performance culture. Working with the Leadership Trust the society established the Evolve programme, aimed at encouraging its people to think differently and learn how to listen, motivate and deliver results under pressure.


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