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Leadership development for the construction industry

Growing the skills to master new technology, drive productivity and deliver growth

To chase success in today’s construction industry your people will need to tackle workforce skills gaps, rapidly changing technology, demanding customers and unprecedented pressure on productivity. But if they can, the possibilities are enormous. This is an industry that the 2016 Farmer Review declared must “modernise or die”, and dynamic leaders with a fresh outlook hold the secret to making that happen.


The UK workforce will decrease by 25% by 2026


Average operating margin fell 50% between 2014 - 2015


of the UK workforce is aged over 50 so by 2026 620,000 people will have retired from the industry.

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Neil Summerton Construction Specialist
Construction challenges

Replacing your best people

A third of today’s workforce is over 50. Soon thousands will have retired, some of your key people among them. Meanwhile, Millennials are not exactly flocking to the industry. Leadership development can address both ends of the problem, helping departing leaders hand over the reins successfully, while making your business more attractive to new talent.

Finding smart leadership for smart factories

Smart factory solutions can give progressive businesses a head start on the competition. However, they’ll call for new skills from your people and the knowledge to seize advantages such as R&D tax relief. Without a new business model and resourceful leadership behind it, how will you get the most from your smart investment?

Meeting customers’ ever increasing demands

Giving customers the agile solutions they insist on will involve breaking down the silos and barriers within your own business. Only an unprecedented level of communication and collaboration will get you there. It’s an area even your most experienced teams need help to master.

Driving productivity

With margins dropping, the spotlight is on productivity. A leadership culture that draws the most from your teams will deliver the greatest impact to your bottom line. By helping your people build their new technology confidence, you can power its profit-driving adoption throughout your business.

Seeking new partnerships and business models

Commercial models are constantly changing and new partnership opportunities always opening up, but it takes a different mindset to leverage them. Developing open-minded leadership throughout your organisation will fuel growth with fresh propositions and relevant innovation.

How we help businesses tackle these challenges

  • We’ll boost your people’s confidence so they can tackle challenges such as new technology boldly and smartly, in a way that profits your business.
  • By helping them understand their own leadership styles, we’ll elevate their communication skills, getting more from their teams, driving productivity.
  • We can guide your senior leaders to succession plans that will open new opportunities for them while preserving their expertise in the company.
  • We’ll freshen the thinking of your key teams, so they’re ready to pursue the new partnerships and business models that will drive revenue.

Client success stories

The Leadership Trust clearly understood our business challenge. We needed a leadership development programme that could respond to our business reality – a complex environment. They grasped that, and they made it happen.

Knauf Insulation
Virginie Limbourg, HR Talent and Development Manager

Forging leadership to drive
change and champion new projects.

In 2015, Knauf Insulation was looking for a re-energised and refreshed sales approach to overcome challenges in a fast changing market. Essential to its success would be champions who could see the project through.

Knauf asked The Leadership Trust – their training partners for more than ten years – to put together a bespoke leadership development course to support their Effective Sales Force Excellence programme. Three years later, the course is still driving great leadership skills and high-performance behaviours.


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