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Leadership Lessons from Sean Flaherty 

Leadership Lessons from Sean Flaherty

Join us in an interactive masterclass as Sean Flaherty, entrepreneur award-winning speaker & thought leader shares his views on Leadership and Leadership functions.

Leadership can mean different things to each of us. There is no one way to lead. But there are most certainly key characteristics and skills all good leaders exhibit. This is something we believe strongly at Leadership Trust. It’s one of the reasons we are very excited to have Sean Flaherty join us online for an hour of Leadership mastery on Tuesday 22nd June at 2 pm BST.

leadership lessons with Sean Flaherty

Sean Flaherty has over 20 years of experience within the tech field-building innovative software products to “move, touch and inspire the world”. He is also a Thought Leader and Executive Professor at one of the United States’ finest business schools.

In this free interactive Zoom session,  Sean will delve into the key functions of good leadership and share some of his key findings and models from a lifetime of study and experience.


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