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I normally wake up around 7am, though I’ve been known to calculate just how many times I can get away with hitting snooze before I totally mess up the morning routine. We are currently in lockdown as I write this, so I need to get my youngest daughter ready for nursery and make sure my eldest is awake and ready to log into remote learning before 8:30am. Today, I snooze until 7:20am and manage to get the household up and sorted in time.

I start my day by having a cup of coffee whilst I watch my daughter eat her breakfast. I might scroll mindlessly through some social media under the pretext of posting content on my own pages. I have a motto; “create before you consume” but I’m not always good at following my own advice! I run a fabulous blog, podcast and social media accounts, so I try to check in on them and post before tuning into work.

After breakfast, I drop off my three year old to nursery which thankfully is still operating through lockdown. My daughter likes to streak naked, and has a knack for turning up behind me when I’m on a work video call. So it’s particularly nice that I can work with the peace of mind that she is being entertained and taught elsewhere.

It’s brilliant working remotely. Our offices are in Herefordshire and I live in Hertfordshire. Although it might sound similar, it’s about a 3 hour drive each way. My current commute is up two flights of stairs to my office!


The first thing I do when I log into work is check my emails and calendar. I then action what can be responded to straight away and flag those that will need more time, so that I can plan them into my schedule. Then I move onto our social media management platform and check to see if there are any comments or messages that need my attention. I work with a brilliant and enthusiastic Digital Marketing Intern named Kath. Sometimes she’s beat me to it and will have already actioned everything which is brilliant.

Today, I’m focussing on copy for our new website. It’s been a few years since it was done and although our values and mission at Leadership Trust has stayed the same, website design and expectations have moved on so we need to show the world and our potential clients that we are still current. It’s a slow but fulfilling process, working on the wording for each webpage, we have to think about the message we want to portray, what is important to us and what will be important to the end user. We also need to think about SEO and what search engines would want to see.

I’m also looking at ways we can encourage more of a community with our alumni. We’ve had over 80,000 people on our courses over the past 45 years! The wealth of knowledge and experience within them is exceptional and it would be amazing if we could find ways to help our alumni network and collaborate.

At lunch time, I head downstairs, turn on the radio and have a boogie whilst making some lunch. I live behind a bakery, so once or twice per week I may give into temptation and grab a freshly made filled baguette and a coffee there. Sometimes I use lunch to get a head start on prepping dinner. Today, I give my mum a call and catch up with her whilst walking through my village to get some steps in. She lives about 40 miles away and under the current lockdown restrictions, I can’t visit my mum and dad so we try to check in on each other most days.

I love that at Leadership Trust we walk the talk. We use our experiential learning courses such as the Leadership in Management programme to explore the importance of having open and honest feedback. Not only do we teach it though, we live it on a daily basis. At Leadership Trust we don’t do meetings just for the sake of it. We’re really clear about what it is we need, what we want to achieve and having the conversations needed to help us all get there. It’s refreshing and something I greatly enjoy being a part of.

Sometimes, like with anything, we make mistakes. I love that we can perform post mortems without assigning blame. It’s always an opportunity to learn and to make tweaks to become better individuals and a better organisation.

In the afternoon, I catch up with the Business Development Team. We work closely together, analysing what it is that has been working well and what we can do to improve. Although we respect the expertise we each have in our respective teams, nobody is precious about ideas. We share suggestions on what could be done differently based on our experience, articles we found interesting or even TED Talks we watched!

After the call, I turn my attention to creating some posts for our social media channels and get started on a new blog post. My teenaged daughter is working at a desk behind me so we put on some coffee shop jazz music and vibe out whilst we work.

One of my favourite parts of my role is just how varied it is from day to day. I can be impatient and easily bored by monotonous tasks so I love that working in Comms and Marketing is a series of long and short term projects. If I had to pinpoint one part of my role, I would say brainstorming with members of the company. Even though we’re all working remotely at the moment, having a good brainstorm makes it feel like we’re all in a room working at the same whiteboard. Brainstorming also signals the birth or new ideas and projects which is brilliant!

My day normally ends with me checking my to do list. I mark off what I’ve accomplished and move what I wasn’t able to do to another day, with clear notes so I don’t forget where I was! I double check emails and socials then log off. Leadership Trust really value our wellbeing so we’re encouraged to work within our contracted hours. I try to switch off as close to mine as possible, then I spend some time on social media or reading as a way of mentally switching from work mode to home mode.

After work I like to cook. Though not every day as then it feels more like a chore than something that can be fun. We tend to watch an episode of something or another as a family after dinner. Tonight it was Fringe. Being on Lockdown 3 in the UK, we’re running short on programs to watch so are currently watching some oldies.

If I were in an alternate universe and I couldn’t be a Comms and Marketing Manager, I think I’d like to be an author. I love reading so much and have always thought it must be magical knowing that the words you’ve written can change someone else’s life.


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