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Leadership in Management

£4,200 + VAT

What's included

5 day residential course inc accommodation and meals

Accommodation and all meals included as well as Bed & Breakfast the night before.

360 leadership audit and pre-programme feedback session

360 degree feedback is an assessment process, which evaluates performance by getting feedback from your co-workers, managers, direct reports, internal and external customers, as well as yourself. The survey aims to assess the leadership behaviour, strengths and development needs of individuals.

Pre-programme briefing

Call before programme to ensure you are fully prepared and have everything you need.

Post programme coaching session

One-to-one follow up coaching session over the phone.

ILM accreditation

ILM development certificate.
6 months studying membership for all learners through the ILM website.

The programme is designed to create an intense and immersive environment in which delegates are subjected to increasing levels of complexity and challenge.

How it works

Under pressure, default behaviours appear giving participants the opportunity to observe how the
behaviour of others impacts on them. Most importantly, they get direct and honest feedback from other learners on how their own behaviours affect others and they get it over and over again.

We don’t teach

We engineer experiences that create an emotional impact so that learning sticks, and add a small amount of really practical leadership and communication theory. Most learning comes from the group members who are discreetly supported by an expert team. Led by a programme director, the delivery team is made up of coach facilitators who work hard behind the scenes and in real time to create a highly personalised experience for each individual.

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22 JUL 2019 JUL 22 2019

Leadership in Management

£4200 / 5 days / Ross-on-Wye

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09 SEP 2019 SEP 09 2019

Leadership in Management

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30 SEP 2019 SEP 30 2019

Leadership in Management

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14 OCT 2019 OCT 14 2019

Leadership in Management

£4200 / 5 days / Ross-on-Wye

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04 NOV 2019 NOV 04 2019

Leadership in Management

£4200 / 5 days / Ross-on-Wye


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