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Wherever you are

You'll find an Open Course for every stage of your leadership development, from first rungs on the ladder to guiding a business from the very top.

Whenever you're ready

You don’t have to do it all now. Follow an open course with a one-to-one workshop or refresher so you can take a break before taking the next step.

Whatever you need

Combine an Open Course with a Tailored Programme. Address the fundamentals, then get focussed help on the specific issues facing your organisation.

Looking for an open course?

Leadership in Management

Welcome chaos. Give your managers the skills that will help them flex with every new challenge, and turn it to an opportunity.


Leadership for Directors

Create electricity. Galvanise change in your business and realise your full potential as a motivating leader.


Feedback from our clients

"The leadership courses have helped our supervisors and management teams understand themselves and how they impact on others, which has ultimately enhanced the leadership, positive culture and performance of all”

Tony Locke
MD of Global Mining & Mineral Processing
Weir Minerals

“We have a team at this point in time which is more aligned as a consequence of the Leadership Trust and for us that is a very powerful position to be in”

Paul Hodgkinson
Simons Construction

"Since doing the course I feel fearless, when I talk about what I did on the course people can’t believe I’m talking about me. Knowing that the only limits and restrictions I work within have been self imposed has freed me to be the leader I aspired to be."

Sean McFadden
St Giles Trust

"This course left me feeling empowered, motivated and with a much greater degree of self awareness. I would highly recommend this course for anyone leading an organisation"

Anne Brown
Clinical Director
Penine MSK Partnership Ltd

“The Leadership Trust team were really committed to doing a great job for us. They listened, got to really know the business and key stakeholders. They have been constantly focused on the outcomes for each individual and the results we are looking for as a business.”

Helen Rust
Head of Learning & Development
Caffè Nero

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