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Leadership Fundamentals

Course £849 excl VAT

What's included?

Two online half day group sessions held via Zoom

A 30 minute facilitated Self-assessment session as well as a 30 minute personal review

Our virtual Leadership Fundamentals programme will equip learners with the fundamental knowledge that will help learn the craft and set them off on their leadership development journey with confidence that they have taken the best first steps in leadership. The programme is designed to create an open and immersive environment in which delegates are given the tools they need to lead with confidence and independence.

How it works

Leadership Fundamentals will equip learners with the fundamental knowledge to be effective leaders and set them off on their leadership development journey with confidence. The programme will take place over the four days (over 4 weeks , a 1:1 guided individual assessment, two four hour group sessions and a personal review)

Who is this course for?

The Leadership Fundamentals programme is suitable for new leaders / managers who have:

  • the potential but not the confidence to lead
  • joined a team with an existing leadership dynamic
  • challenges with their communication style

What type of content will Leadership Fundamentals cover?

Leadership and Management – Knowing the difference

Core leadership principles – Leading self and leading others

Functions of a leader – What needs to be done

Course dates

19th January 2020

Why Leadership Fundamentals?

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The programme consists of two 30 minute sessions and two 3 hour live sessions. You should also expect to allocate some time outside of these sessions for self study and project work.

No you don’t. This programme is suitable for those who haven’t taken part in a Leadership Trust programme in the past.

There will be no more than 12 people on each programme.

You will require a device with access to the internet, running an operating system up to date enough to run Zoom. We also advise you use a pair of headphones to prevent any audio feedback.

29 JUN 2021 JUN 29 2021

Leadership Fundamentals

£849 / 28 days


Need greater flexibility?

Our open programmes can also be tailored and customised for your needs


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