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Leadership that increases capability

Fast growing organisations rely on leadership that combines functional skills with the ability to create an impact


Execution is often the hardest part of change, because the leadership that initiated it has now moved on to the next thing. To make that change happen you need to empower your people with the leadership skills to see it through.

Many businesses understand that to achieve their goals, they need leaders in all functions skilled at empowering the organisation. Data demonstrates that capability ranks near the top of organisations’ priorities, and that leadership skills have a greater impact than functional skills.

Business capability challenges

How do I find my capable leaders?

Growing businesses recognise that high potential people can create impact beyond their reach and influence. They may work in one or several functions. They may be existing people with high potential. They may be aspiring leaders who need to take on more or are a blend of both. But do they have the leadership capability?

Why isn’t our vision getting through?

Boards may have a clear idea of where the business needs to go, but remain puzzled as to why it isn’t shared by the community of leaders below them. After all, they’ve explained it often enough. Is it belief or capability that’s holding them back from committing?

Building a leadership that inspires

Specific functional capabilities, such as strategy, operations, and marketing and sales are important to performance, but it’s leadership skills that contribute most to a company’s ambition. Functional leaders need to be evangelists and make the change believable and enticing, or fatigue will set in. And buy-in can’t exist unless people are listening.

What’s inspiring my Millennials?

Within your organisation there will be Millennials who are still sharpening their capability. They look up to a leadership layer for challenge and to have their contributions valued – concepts that are culturally vital to their own self-view. They have the capability, but do they have the belief?

How we help businesses tackle these challenges:

Our tailored solutions boost capability by helping people develop the leadership skills that will…

  • have a greater impact on the business
  • prove that functional experts can be leaders
  • develop leadership capability that enhances functional skills
  • develop an outside-in perspective
  • shape and share a vision for the business


of executives rate capability building as one of their companies’ top three priorities.


Executives believe that leadership skills contribute most to their companies’ business performance.

Our tailored leadership solutions

We can show your people how to grow and flourish beyond their functional role, to develop skills that enhance their performance, to expand their sphere of influence and to have a wider impact.

Developing potential

Tailored leadership development programmes where individuals discover their personal power and leadership style to become the best leaders they can be.

Increasing team capability

Developing effective leadership under testing conditions grows personal confidence and self-awareness. This helps teams build trust and align diverse skills to achieve a shared goal. Improving capability and collaboration helps teams create impact.

Leading change and building resilience

Developed for aspiring managers leading change. Provides a practical toolkit that supports them to energise teams to higher levels and to be prepared for the known and unknown challenges ahead.

Enhancing organisational performance

Shaping a fertile culture that enables leadership at all levels and enfranchises everyone to embrace a common purpose and a high performance mindset. Will develop the capability of your next generation of leaders to take the business forward.


Client success stories

The Leadership Trust clearly understood our business challenge. We needed a leadership development programme that could respond to our business reality – a complex environment. They grasped that, and they made it happen.

Knauf Insulation
Virginie Limbourg, HR Talent and Development Manager

Forging leadership to drive
change and champion new projects.

In 2015, Knauf Insulation was looking for a re-energised and refreshed sales approach to overcome challenges in a fast changing market. Essential to its success would be champions who could see the project through.

Knauf asked The Leadership Trust – their training partners for more than ten years – to put together a bespoke leadership development course to support their Effective Sales Force Excellence programme. Three years later, the course is still driving great leadership skills and high-performance behaviours.


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