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Leadership that grows talent

Inspirational leaders nurture their next generation


Many organisations need leadership that can win the talent race and empower their Millennials. Yet they also have to preserve the critical expertise of their longest serving people.

There’s a looming shortage of talent, yet data shows many organisations are not doing enough to help their own younger managers develop the leadership skills that will make them invaluable to the business.

Leadership that grows talent

Henrietta Baldock

Talent challenges

Are our past leadership decisions catching up with us?

During the 2008 recession many businesses restructured, retaining older employees for their experience. A decade later they’re not only approaching retirement, but may lack the mindset and insight to innovate for a new generation of customers.

Where are our new people?

For many organisations that restructure also lost them the ambitious younger managers who would be today’s leaders. As growth has returned, businesses have recruited highly talented individuals to fill that gap – but they need significant leadership development to step into it with confidence.

Are we doing enough to fill our top roles?

Boards complain about the dearth of leadership talent coming through the business. But what’s in place to develop people with the capabilities and confidence to operate at executive level given the chance?

Why isn’t our succession plan working?

Focusing on leadership development for succession sounds obvious but frequently the issue gets parked. For succession plans to work, senior leaders need a clear vision of the time they intend to stay in the role and communicate it. This lends the process of developing successors more energy, clarity and trust. The opportunities are real.

Will our new leadership be the right leadership?

Aspiring leaders may be highly driven, but a lack of emotional intelligence can portray them as disruptive or maverick. When they know themselves and their own leadership style, then they ‘get out of their own way’ and become inspiring, empathetic leaders.

How we help businesses tackle these challenges 

Our tailored solutions drive performance by helping people and teams develop their leadership skills. They will…

  • motivate and equip your next leadership generation
  • close the trust gap between the board and aspiring leaders
  • develop your Millennial talent so they own a shared purpose
  • invigorate your company culture


of Millennials are in leadership positions


of millennials feel that their organisation is fully taking advantage of their skills

Our tailored leadership solutions

Leadership development helps senior leaders appreciate the difference between mentoring your best people, or simply cloning themselves (and perpetuating all the wrong behaviours in the process). It gives aspiring leaders the confidence that there is a chance for them to shine, and that older leaders have true wisdom to impart. This in turn boosts diversity and energy.

Developing potential

Tailored leadership development programmes where your people discover their ‘personal power’, liberate their leadership talent and raise their performance.

Releasing team talent

Developing effective leadership under testing conditions will stimulate an innovation mindset and build a cohort of like-minded leaders.

Leading change and building resilience

Equips aspiring managers to change. Provides a personal support system and practical toolkit to prepare for the known and unknown challenges ahead.

Enhancing organisational performance

Shaping a fertile culture that empowers leadership at all levels and aligns your leaders’ energy and ideas with the bigger picture.


Client success stories

“I couldn’t recommend a course more. It’s made operations run much smoother, and with a clear and focused path towards goals and outcomes.”

Paul Morgan
Caffè Nero’s Operations Director

Teams re-energised. Morale
uplifted. Growth bubbling.

To keep on track with its ambitious growth plans, Caffè Nero realised it needed to grow a new leadership generation – one that could coach staff in innovative problem solving, and manage multicultural teams frequently spread over wide areas.


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