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Leadership that drives change

Your people will learn to lead change when they are empowered to do it themselves


Many organisations recognise that to drive change they need a new style of leadership; one that can shift their culture, seize opportunities and reinvent the business. Data demonstrates that most businesses believe in the need for better leadership and that experiential development is the most powerful way to deliver that. 

Leadership that drives change

Emma Higginson-Smith

Business change challenges

How can we build leadership for change?

Leading change is never predictable. It’s destabilising, and leaders need to be ready to take their teams with them and prioritise what the organisation is doing, even while the boat is rocking.

What makes that possible?

It takes adaptability, resilience and confidence. Dynamic leaders recognise when change is on the horizon and raise it within their organisations, even when the news is unwelcome.

Where do we start?

Change can be internal as well as external. Organisational dynamics might need rearranging. Senior leaders may need to shift their thinking from ‘about me’ to ‘about the business’.

How do I know if our leaders are ready?

But how do your leaders even know they have the right change skills if they’re nervous of testing them where a mistake could cost the business dear? Experiential learning helps them see the impact they can bring.

How we help businesses tackle these challenges 

Our tailored solutions drive performance by helping people and teams develop their leadership skills. They will…

  • find themselves, so they can find the change you need
  • be ready to embrace the unknown
  • call time on the status quo
  • lead change and unlock potential
  • go beyond functional excellence


of executives are confident their organisation has the leadership capabilities it needs


of companies offer experiential programs for leaders

Our tailored leadership solutions

Our tailored solutions enable your teams to practice the leadership skills required to lead change in a safe space and in realistic scenarios. This will help them develop ‘adaptive change’ (very different from technical change).

Developing potential

Tailored leadership development programmes where individuals discover their personal power and leadership style. This can help develop a thirst for the new and an instinctive desire for change.

Releasing team talent

Building effective leadership under testing conditions grows personal confidence and self-awareness. This allows teams to build trust in an uncertain environment and achieve their shared goal faster with greater impact.

Leading change and building resilience

Developed for aspiring managers leading change. A personal support system and practical toolkit that will help them energise teams and handle volatile situations.

Enhancing organisational performance

Shaping a fertile culture that enables leadership at all levels and enfranchises everyone to embrace a common purpose with full understanding and passion.


Client success stories

“We saw some fantastic organisations, but the Leadership Trust just got us... The buzz from those who went on the programme was more than I could have hoped for.”

Olivia Parrish
Group Head of HR, Haines Watts

Reinventing leadership at every
level of a complex organisation.

The board of leading accountancy practice Haines Watts decided that leadership development needed to be reinvented across the organisation. But it had to be a flexible programme that could support leadership and career planning at every level, and, vitally, help Haines Watts retain their best talent.


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