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Leadership that builds confidence

Energised leaders give confidence to all those around them


Many UK organisations have discovered that their Millennial workforce can be full of energy and ideas. But they also need confident and equally energetic leadership to get the most from them. Data demonstrates that businesses need to get closer to this aspiring and emerging generation of leaders, and to invest in them.

Leadership that builds confidence

Lina King

Confidence challenges

Why do my Millennials seem nervous of taking decisions?

In such an unpredictable and constantly shifting world, it’s not surprising leaders find it unnerving to take their next decision. It’s a natural reaction to not knowing what the future will hold.

How can I develop leadership that makes better decisions?

There was a time when it was relatively easy to see change coming on the horizon. Not today. You can no longer rely on just your instincts and frontline antennae. Walking in your customers’ shoes is critical if senior leadership is to stay connected with the market.

What breeds adaptability?

At its heart adaptability is about confidence. The confidence to try, fail fast, learn and know there will be times when the answers elude you. But just for the moment.

And how can I build it?

When leaders believe they are doing the best they can, and using their skills in the best possible way, that’s when confidence grows. If your leaders are more confident, so are the teams they influence and inspire. Adaptability and assurance spread.

How we help businesses tackle these challenges 

Our tailored solutions build confidence within organisations by helping your people develop their leadership skills. They will…

  • increase their ability to adapt and change
  • be ready for a rapidly developing digital world
  • learn the wisdom of not having all the answers
  • build resilience in themselves and their teams


of the workforce will be made up of "Generation Z" and "Millenials" by 2025.


of Millennials believe their organisation is fully taking advantage of their skills.

Our tailored leadership solutions

Our intensely experiential, tailored leadership programmes will challenge your people on what they think they know and teach them to relish the potential of what they don’t. They’ll return to your business certain of their abilities, ready to put what they’ve learned into action.

We release the true performance potential of your people through tailored personal, team and organisation leadership solutions that blend insight from diagnostics, intense experiential learning and individual support.

Developing potential

Tailored leadership development programmes where individuals discover their personal power and leadership style to become the best leaders they can be.

Releasing team talent

Developing effective leadership under testing conditions grows personal confidence and self-awareness. This helps teams build trust and align diverse skills to achieve a shared goal. They will understand and embrace risk to move faster and with greater clarity.

Leading change and building resilience

Developed for aspiring managers leading change. Provides a practical toolkit that supports them to energise teams to higher levels and to be prepared for the known and unknown challenges ahead.

Enhancing organisational performance

Shaping a fertile culture that enables leadership at all levels and enfranchises everyone to embrace a common purpose and a high-performance mindset. Will help to enhance your competitive advantage and enable sustained growth at all levels.


Client success stories

“We saw some fantastic organisations, but the Leadership Trust just got us... The buzz from those who went on the programme was more than I could have hoped for.”

Olivia Parrish
Group Head of HR, Haines Watts

Reinventing leadership at every
level of a complex organisation.

The board of leading accountancy practice Haines Watts decided that leadership development needed to be reinvented across the organisation. But it had to be a flexible programme that could support leadership and career planning at every level, and, vitally, help Haines Watts retain their best talent.


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