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Leadership that boosts productivity

Energised, effective leaders will increase productivity.


Organisations need leaders who can think smarter, motivate their teams better and drive higher performance at all levels of the business. A special set of leadership skills is needed to boost productivity, but data indicates these have yet to be developed in many businesses who are failing to do the most with the resources they already have.

Leadership that boosts productivity

Simon Hollington

Productivity challenges

A middle management better at blocking than breakthroughs

Young talent coming into a business will have been raised in a culture where challenge is everything. Too often they run into a middle management that has spent years ‘doing it this way’ and is resistant to change.

New productivity ideas falling on deaf ears

New leaders from outside or inside the business will have empowering ideas that can unleash leaps in productivity. But older, established leaders may thwart them, or make them feel too nervous to try.

We’re losing our ability to think fast

Teams and divisions that are growing rapidly to meet changing customer needs may no longer be as flexible as they once were.

Why are our up and coming leaders so cautious?

Experienced managers, used to making decisions intuitively and instinctively, have been promoted into senior management roles. However the younger, less experienced managers, who’ve been rapidly promoted to take their place, may be more cautious and less decisive.

How we help businesses tackle these challenges

Our tailored solutions can unlock gains in productivity by helping people develop the leadership skills. They will…

  • become encouragers and inspirers, not stoppers and blockers
  • motivate their managers to get the most from their teams
  • energise their people to increase performance
  • effectively lead decentralised, mobile teams


The UK lags behind its competitors in terms of productivity. Output per hour is 21% lower than the G7 average.


of UK line managers rate their own managers as ineffective.

Our tailored leadership solutions

In search of greater productivity our leadership development approach studies behaviours - yours, your bosses’, your teams’. Everyone gets a chance to walk in someone else’s shoes. It’s a transformative experience that encourages true motivational, productivity-driving excellence.

Boosting personal productivity

Tailored leadership development programmes where your performance leaders discover how their personal power can drive productivity.

Building high performance teams

Developing effective leadership under testing conditions will stimulate a high performance mindset. This helps teams build trust and align diverse skills to achieve a shared goal.

Leading change and building resilience

Developed for managers leading change. Provides a practical toolkit that supports them through transformation to build resilience in their teams.

Enhancing organisational performance

Shaping a fertile culture that enables leadership at all levels and enfranchises everyone to embrace a common purpose and a high performance mindset.


Client success stories

“From concept to execution, the discussions we now have around strategy, numbers and the industry are far better.”

Muhammad Shoaib
HR Business Partner

Creating leadership to deliver
growth in a challenging industry

In 2012, dairy product-based business Engro Foods Ltd realised its industry was facing considerable challenges. It would need a flexible and innovative sales team to give it an advantage in an ever-toughening market.

With the Leadership Trust they developed a coaching programme that focused on trust, resourcefulness and execution – a programme soon rolled out beyond sales to every department in the organisation.


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