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Leadership that accelerates innovation

Organisations that empower ‘leadership from everywhere’ will be the ones that accelerate innovation and thrive in today’s economy.


Leadership teams that deliver bold innovations will drive growth, ensure competitiveness and secure the future of the companies they work for. Businesses know that to achieve this, they need leadership that empowers everyone, at every level of the organisation, to unlock ideas, embrace collaboration and respond to opportunities at speed. Yet despite evidence that innovation produces a step change in growth, data shows few businesses have the leadership capability to deliver it.

Accelerating innovation

Robin Lawrence

Business innovation challenges

Where will my innovation come from?

Businesses often see innovation wrapped up in technology, systems and processes. However it’s primarily about mindset and behaviour; encouraging your people to think faster, respond more rapidly and be inventive.

How can my teams innovate as one?

As working practices change, more employees operate remotely and this throws up barriers to innovation. Without the impromptu office catch-up, sprint session or water-cooler conversation, teams may believe they’re innovating, but actually be working in opposing directions and achieving only marginal gains.

Where can my leaders make a difference?

It’s the role of those in leadership positions to ensure communication is strong, consistent and keeps ideas flowing – ideas that benefit the business. Unfocused innovation rapidly descends into random experiments and pet projects, putting pressure on leaders to deal with the fallout.

Is the business we are the business we want to be?

Size and scale can hamper rapid innovation. Businesses fail when leaders hang onto the status quo and middle managers put the brakes on innovation. Once they were pioneers, now they’re resistors. Help that leadership regain the confidence and open-mindedness that was unstoppable when the business was smaller.

How we help businesses tackle these challenges:

Our tailored solutions can unlock innovation by helping your people develop their leadership skills. They will…

  • learn to innovate continuously
  • unlock innovation in their teams
  • improve collaboration among virtual, distributed and mobile teams
  • create an environment where everyone can challenge


The UK’s most innovative companies grew 50% faster than the least innovative over the last three years


of global leaders were confident their organisations had the right leadership to deliver on their strategic business plans

Our tailored leadership solutions

We’ll show your leaders the importance of clarity of purpose, agreed objectives and open communication. Finding innovation within your organisation is not about a shortage of ideas – your workforce will have them. It’s about clearing a route from the frontline to the top of the business.

Developing potential

Tailored leadership development programmes where your people discover how their personal power can lead to innovation.

Building innovative teams

Developing effective leadership under testing conditions will stimulate an innovation mindset. This helps teams build trust and align diverse skills to achieve a shared goal.

Leading change and building resilience

Developed specifically for managers leading change. A practical toolkit that supports them to inspire innovation and deliver rapid transformation.

Enhancing organisational performance

Shaping a fertile culture that energises leaders at all levels and enfranchises everyone to embrace a common purpose.


Client success stories

“From concept to execution, the discussions we now have around strategy, numbers and the industry are far better.”

Muhammad Shoaib
HR Business Partner

Creating leadership to deliver
growth in a challenging industry

In 2012, dairy product-based business Engro Foods Ltd realised its industry was facing considerable challenges. It would need a flexible and innovative sales team to give it an advantage in an ever-toughening market.

With the Leadership Trust they developed a coaching programme that focused on trust, resourcefulness and execution – a programme soon rolled out beyond sales to every department in the organisation.


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