WashCo Transformation: A CEO’s Journey to Leadership Success

WashCo, a commercial laundry equipment specialist in the UK, faced the challenge of integrating three merged companies under the leadership of CEO Peter Hosking. Having previously managed 22 staff, with a turnover of £3m, Peter faced a new challenge of heading up a company with a £12m turnover and 98 employees. The significant growth in turnover and workforce required careful alignment of values, culture, and skills across the organisation.

Peter struggled with confidence as he navigated the changes and felt disconnected in both his personal and professional life. Recognising the need to rediscover himself in order to achieve leadership success, he embraced the help of the Leadership Trust.

The Power of Self-Awareness in Successful Leadership

Following a recommendation from an associate, Peter completed the Leadership Trust’s Leadership in Management programme. The immersive experience of the programme allowed him to unlock self-awareness, acknowledge his weaknesses, and leverage his strengths – all vital leadership soft skills needed to achieve leadership success.

During the programme, Peter received feedback from his course peers that struck a chord with him. These observations closely resembled those that his wife had expressed over the years but had never fully resonated with him until hearing them on the programme. This realisation was a powerful moment for Peter, prompting him to reflect on his leadership style and personal growth.

It’s the only time I’ve honestly received an awareness of who I am, what I do well and what I really don’t do well. I learnt I don’t do things well that I thought I was amazing at! You know, I’ve come back from that week and every facet of my life has changed. Just because you believe you can lead, doesn’t mean you’re effective.

Peter Hosking, CEO

Empowering Staff and Improving Business Outcomes

The programme has had a profound impact on Peter’s life, influencing his business decisions and personal relationships. By investing in self-improvement and prioritising leadership development, WashCo was able to achieve a stronger company culture and increased morale.

Peter also took away a newfound appreciation for work-life balance from the programme: “My wife got her husband back and my children got their dad again.”

WashCo has continued to flourish under Peter’s leadership following his ‘reset’. He believes the programme played a significant role in his leadership success. Following the programme, he has driven the business to its current position as the UK’s second largest supplier of laundry equipment, with a total of 115 staff and a turnover of £18m.

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