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Trust and collaboration
up. ROI hits.

Kwik Fit

Trust and collaboration
up. ROI hits.


employees targeted to engage with
sites to unify culture

The Challenges

Known as the leading fast-fit supplier of tyres in the country, Kwik Fit has grown under a number of owners since its launch in 1971. When it was acquired in 2011 by Japanese trading group Itochu the business set its sights on becoming a leading Europe-wide franchise network, with investment earmarked for its centre, marketing and customer service.

To get there, the senior management team realised the business required a step-change in leadership and development to reach its ambitious targets and match the customer experience that would place them alongside high end retailers.

“We needed an incredible culture change,” said Head of Learning and Development, Paul Binks.

The Process

After a lengthy tender process the Leadership Trust was appointed to deliver the project which was founded on an intensive development programme for Operations Managers based around a redefinition of their role.

It was charged with…

  • Developing self-awareness among operations, in particular the impact their behaviour has on the team and company performance.
  • Creating a sustainable, internal coaching network with ‘super coaches’ able to help the business transform.
  • Moving the culture to one that embraced the values ‘friendly, caring, honest and proud.’

And all this with an eye to the owner of Kwik Fit’s unrelenting focus on ROI.


The entire ops team went through the leadership programme, which was constructed so that managers and team leaders across seven geographical regions would ‘mix and match’ to share different problems and experiences. Modules focused on understanding strengths, gaining trust and creating higher performing teams.

The programme has helped Kwik Fit hit the metrics for its ROI but also its emotional targets too, with stronger, problem-sharing bonds forming within the business as well as higher levels of trust. The company is also well on the way to meeting its L&D ambitions of engaging with 5,500 staff across 779 sites.


“We have built an impressive level of camaraderie across different territory teams, fostering greater trust and belief in people,” concludes Paul Binks. “At the same time we have shifted what was once a degree of somewhat selfish competition and turned this into co-operation and collaborative goal setting without damaging healthy competitive spirit.”

“We are now much fitter as an organisation and as a result much more ready for the scale growth we have in our sights.”

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