Team Scotland at Commonwealth Games

Scotland’s Top Performing Team at the Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games Scotland, the lead body for Commonwealth sport in Scotland, comprises of Scottish governing bodies managing 28 recognised sports. Its goal is to inspire success in sports by preparing and leading Scotland’s athletic performance at the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games.

Michael Cavanagh was a natural leader in the sports industry, but lacked the confidence to take on more responsibility. However, after enrolling in the Leadership in Management course in 2004, he realised his potential and discovered how to utilise his leadership strengths.

Unlocking the Leadership Skills to Drive Success

Following completion of the programme, Michael went on to become the Chairman of Commonwealth Games Scotland with a vision to deliver the best performance for Team Scotland at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

I credit the Leadership in Management course for putting myself forward for the election for a position which has opened so many doors for me. It not only equipped me with the confidence to step up but also acted as the key that unlocked numerous opportunities for my organisation.

Michael Cavanagh, Chairman of Commonwealth Games Scotland

Building a Top Performing Team Through Bespoke Programmes

Michael envisioned a top performing team that would excel in the sporting arena and live by a deeper purpose.  He knew that the success of Team Scotland at Glasgow 2014 depended on the leadership of his staff. To fuel his vision, Michael invested in his team by enrolling them in a range of bespoke leadership development programmes offered by the Leadership Trust, such as the ‘Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence’ course.

These programmes were designed to work closely with all levels of an organisation to identify and address pain points hindering strategic and cultural alignment. With a focus on top performance in complex environments, participants were able to build resilience and adaptability.

Results: 53 medals won

The Leadership Trust’s bespoke courses reinforced Team Scotland’s strong attributes and taught them the leadership skills they needed to be successful. The investment paid off after they smashed their record for medals with 53 in total (19 Gold, 15 Silver and 19 Bronze).

Michael credits the programmes for giving his team the confidence needed to set a new standard for athlete-centred games. Team Scotland’s performance at Glasgow 2014 was so successful that it is still referred to as a benchmark by Commonwealth Games Scotland for future games.

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