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Teams re-energised. Morale
uplifted. Growth bubbling.

Caffè Nero

Teams re-energised. Morale
uplifted. Growth bubbling.


stores globally and new openings each week
countries to align and unify culture
stage programme aids leaders at all stages of their career

The challenge

Caffè Nero’s premium, continental-style cafes have expanded rapidly, but with more than 600 stores globally and new openings as frequent as one a week, the leadership abilities of its Area Managers took on a new strategic priority for the brand.
To continue that growth the company knew those leaders needed new skills to unify an often dispersed and multicultural workforce and ensure accuracy and consistency of quality and service.

The process

Working with the Leadership Trust, Caffè Nero developed a training programme specifically to boost those key leadership abilities, to show managers how to coach staff and to improve their  innovative problem solving.
The course ran over two sets of three days with structured talks, seminars and practical activities designed to work in the Caffè Nero world. The programme was jointly developed with Helen Rust, Head of Training and Development for Caffè Nero, and became a major project for the firm.


From day one Area Managers began implementing their new skills and passing them down to junior management and supervisors.

The company has seen dramatic reductions in staff turnover within stores, and an associated uplift in confidence and morale. There were changes in how the business as a whole conducted itself and an increase in individual satisfaction levels.
Successful de-briefing of all participants after their training has also help to embed the lessons thoroughly within the organisation leaving Caffè Nero confident that they’ll be feeling the benefits for many years to come.


“Essentially we required the perfect blend, to develop our leadership skills further in order to really give back to our staff and help us spread the word about our investment in upskilling,” explained Helen Rust. “We’ve never undertaken a project on such a large scale and as far as results go we couldn’t be happier.”
Caffè Nero’s Operations Director, Paul Morgan, said:  “I have already seen that training by my Area Managers making operations run much smoother and with a clear and focused path towards goals and outcomes. I couldn’t recommend a course with Leadership Trust more.”

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