Sales Team Empowerment: Driving Customer Value at Goodpack

Goodpack, a leading provider of efficient supply chain solutions, aimed to transition from a product-focused to a relationship-focused company without compromising quality. However, they faced several challenges. The sales team lacked assertiveness, making them vulnerable to industry disruptions and hindering growth. Although it was clear that the sales team needed to be empowered, previous attempts resulted in poor employee engagement and retention, leading to supply chain backlogs and dissatisfied customers. The unpredictable COVID and post-pandemic world further intensified these challenges.

Issue Diagnosis & Team Empowerment

To address these challenges, the Leadership Trust helped Goodpack to implement an impactful intervention to address the obstacles across Goodpack’s vast network, which comprises 5000 collection and delivery points, 50 depots, and 4 million containers. With interactive briefing and back briefing methodologies, real-time improvement was achieved through the practical application of customer issue resolution.

Leadership development workshops were also conducted with regional teams, enabling a comprehensive diagnosis of sales issues, and allowing senior leadership to acknowledge their role in addressing them.

Enhanced Communication and Revenue Increase

As a result of the partnership with the Leadership Trust, positive cultural behaviour among teams inspired collective problem-solving and reinforced successful outcomes. The sales team underwent a significant transformation, gaining confidence, resilience, and new techniques to effectively handle difficult client conversations. Additionally, escalations to the CEO decreased significantly, and the team demonstrated a clear understanding of the company’s long-term goals.

Driving Results Through Team Empowerment

Remarkably, Goodpack implemented the organisation-wide changes within just four months. This achievement showcases the effectiveness of the intervention and the impact of team empowerment on organisational success. As a result, the success of the initiative led to a continued partnership between Goodpack and the Leadership Trust. We are pleased to continue to support Goodpack through tailored approaches for long-lasting change and development.

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