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Bridging the Gap through Effective Communication


Established in 1980 and based in Singapore, Goodpack is the largest global logistics provider in the world, catering to industries in need of secure, sustainable, and cost-effective packaging and supply chain solutions. 

After being acquired by global investment firm, KKR a few years ago, their goal was to evolve from a product-based company into a solutions provider. To achieve their growth ambitions, they needed to educate their sales team to move from relationship selling to solution selling. Goodpack’s senior management had a clear outcome of what they wanted to achieve, but they couldn’t identify the specific challenges that were holding them back. They weren’t happy with the results of previous training and resources they invested in.  


Goodpack recognised the need for transformative change and enrolled their team in a bespoke Leadership Trust programme using the Commercial Excellence Framework. Business Development Advisor, Andy Cooper, helped them structure it into four distinct phases.  

In the first phase of the programme, the focus was on getting the sales team fully engaged. Previous training attempts had failed to yield the desired outcomes, and turnover within the sales organiszation remained high. To address this, the CEO took the stage to deliver an impactful introduction, conveying the company’s commitment to investing in its sales team, assisting them in overcoming challenges and enabling their success. This phase set the stage for open discussions, creating a conducive environment for learning and alignment on the root causes of the issues at hand. 

Phase two delved deeper into the real-time challenges that the team faced. These real-world scenarios served as the training syllabus, providing an engaging platform for exchanging stories and sharing diverse perspectives. They took a strategic pause, allowing the sales team to assimilate all they’d learned so far, together with the feedback from a competency assessment the team had conducted. 

Phase three focused on resolving the specific business challenges the company faced. Role-playing scenarios allowed for the development of problem-solving skills and the cultivation of the confidence needed for challenging discussions. Identifying information and data gaps became a priority, enabling the sales team to bridge these knowledge shortfalls and better serve their customers. 

The final phase of the Leadership Trust programme centred on individual growth. Armed with a holistic view of their strengths and areas for improvement, each team member crafted their development plan. This plan, informed by assessment results and shared experiences, aimed to enhance their effectiveness and, in turn, contribute to the company’s overall success. 

“I’d be very happy to recommend Leadership Trust. I think it’s a very sincere, capable organisation. There’s a very genuine desire to understand your issues and help you as an organisation be successful. I’ve been in lots of training sessions over many years, and I think Leadership Trust’s approach was probably the best I’ve seen.” 

-Andy Cooper, Business Development Advisor 


The Leadership Trust programme not only transformed the sales team but also the company’s approach to problem-solving, communication, and success. The flow of communication between senior management and the frontline sales team has improved significantly.  

By addressing the root causes of their challenges and providing actionable solutions, Goodpack bridged the gap between their desired outcomes and their current reality, ultimately achieving their goals. Leadership Trust proved instrumental in empowering the sales team and the company as a whole, helping them grow as solutions providers. 



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