Goodpack Boosts Team Cohesion with Personalised Leadership Coaching

GoodPack is a global supply chain solutions provider, developing environmentally sustainable packaging solutions for shipping and storage. Despite their position as a world leader in their field, Goodpack struggled with high staff turnover and gaps in communication. Lester Tyra, an executive with 30 years of experience in the chemical and supply chain industries, joined GoodPack as their Chief Human Resources Officer to help address these issues.

Lester identified communication gaps within his team, which were causing trust issues, high turnover rates, and an unproductive work environment. He recognised the need for new tools and processes to enhance team cohesion.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a vital need to align the rational and emotional attributes of team members to boost unity and effectiveness. Lester felt the pressure of resolving these challenges and looked to empower his team.

Implementing Leadership Coaching Strategies

To address these challenges, Lester enrolled in and completed four sessions of the Leadership Trust’s Coaching Skills for Leaders programme. Coaching Skills for Leaders enables senior leaders to access personalised coaching to enhance self-awareness, confidence, and team building techniques.

The programme helped Lester realise that Goodpack’s team members had the necessary skills but lacked an understanding of each other’s emotional needs. He identified cultural issues impacting team efficiency and strategically reassigned responsibilities to enable collective project success. By learning to delegate tasks effectively, Lester was able to reduce his stress levels.

It’s the most unique training I’ve been through, and I’ve been everywhere. Coming out of the Leadership Trust[‘s programme], you feel like a more accomplished person. It is life-altering. I would highly recommend it – not just to get to the next level on a personal basis, but also to make your team more effective. It’s not about adding a layer of knowledge, it’s about expanding your mindset and capabilities.

– Lester Tyra, Chief Human Resources Officer

Exceeding Growth Expectations for 2.5 Years

After completing the personalised leadership coaching programme, Lester implemented a new approach to team leadership, turning his team into a more collaborative and efficient unit. By breaking down barriers between team members and empowering them to independently solve problems, he saw greater confidence and cohesion in the team. He successfully encouraged them to solve their own problems, rather than having them look to him for solutions.

Lester successfully addressed 20 problematic contracts by building a new team. And amazingly, only nine months later, all 20 contracts had been resolved, eliminating friction. This resulted in smoother transactions and improved customer satisfaction, which Lester attributes to the new, collaborative approach. Staff turnover decreased, and employee satisfaction increased dramatically, with a 99% participation rate in employee surveys. And remarkably, despite economic challenges, growth far exceeded the company’s expectations over a two-and-a-half-year period.

On a personal level, the coaching experience helped Lester realise the importance of lateral thinking for business growth, sparking a reset in his career that allowed him to shift his strategic approach.

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