Building an Impactful Leadership Team at Buckles Solicitors

Buckles Solicitors LLP, a legal firm providing services to clients for over 150 years, faced the challenge of navigating the changing legal sector landscape following the introduction of the Legal Services Act of 2007. The Act brought about increased competition in the industry, with new players offering alternative legal services. To thrive and grow in the face of new competitors, Buckles recognised the need to develop a stronger leadership team to lead their staff efficiently.

With the legal sector undergoing unprecedented changes, Buckles needed to adapt to new opportunities and threats. They understood the importance of connecting customer satisfaction and employee engagement with financial success, and therefore, wanted to leverage the impact of leadership on staff engagement to drive positive business outcomes.

Empowering Partners Through Impactful Leadership Development

Buckles’ partners are commercially minded, results-driven, and technically adept lawyers. However, while they excelled in their legal expertise, few had dedicated time to developing their leadership skills. Recognising this gap, Buckles pursued a solution that would address their specific needs and motivations, with a focus on driving change and fostering growth.

A Tailored Leadership Development Programme

Buckles joined forces with the Leadership Trust to design a tailored training programme that would offer the comprehensive solution they required. The programme involved detailed analysis of behaviour and its impact, experiential learning outside of the office, and opportunities for partners to learn from others in different sectors, developing greater self-awareness and communication skills.

This course was transformational for me personally. On the first day I thought I knew everything there was to know. By the third day I realised how to use what I knew in a much more positive and impactful way.

Partner, Buckles Solicitors LLP


Over a two-year period, Buckles implemented personalised coaching and leadership development programmes at a senior level to develop impactful leadership skills and foster shared learning among the group.

Transforming Culture and Engagement

Through the partnership with the Leadership Trust, Buckles has achieved significant and lasting behaviour change among its partners, creating a more impactful leadership team and fostering an open and collaborative culture.

We wanted to see real and sustained behaviour change for our partners and this is what we have seen. It created openness at the Partnership level to share experiences as people went through the course – this has helped build a stronger network [..] Staff have fed back that they can see visible differences and increases in engagement scores in leadership are testament to the success of the programme.

Jennie Oliver, Chief Operating Officer, Buckles Solicitors LLP


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