Global Supply Chain Company Repackages Itself – From High Staff Turnover to Exceeding Growth Expectations for 2.5 years Straight


GoodPack is a global supply chain solutions provider, developing packaging solutions for shipping and storage. With specialists, operations teams and container depots around the world, the business is dedicated to delivering simplified, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions. By constantly expanding their offering, GoodPack is not just a world leader in sustainable packaging for shipping and storage, but is also a fundamental enabler of circular supply chains.

With 30 years’ experience at senior management in the chemical and supply chain industries, Lester Tyra joined GoodPack as their Chief Human Resources Officer.

Lester identified communication gaps in his team, which had created trust issues. Staff turnover was high, and the environment was not enabling. New tools and processes needed implementing. The pandemic had also increased fragmentation among teams. Amongst top leadership in GoodPack, there was discussion about how to align both the rational and emotional aspects of the team members to build cohesiveness. On a personal level, Lester felt the burden of fixing these problems, and he needed to empower his team.


Lester enrolled for the Leadership Trust’s Coaching Skills for Leaders programme, completing four sessions. Coaching Skills for Leaders allows senior leaders to tap into a unique resource of personalised coaching and – through self-discovery and enhancing confidence – learn to identify their team’s needs and help build cohesiveness. Lester realised that there was no lack of skill amongst individuals; what was lacking was an understanding of fellow members’ emotional needs. The programme helped him to identify cultural issues between global offices that were impacting efficiency. Responsibilities needed restructuring – instead of key projects being carried by individuals, they would be allocated collectively. The programme also helped Lester to acknowledge that he did not need to carry his team, and that his learnings would assist in lowering his stress levels.

“It’s the most unique training I’ve been through, and I’ve been everywhere. Coming out of the Leadership Trust, you feel like a more accomplished person. It is life-altering. I would highly recommend it – not just to get to the next level on a personal basis, but also to make your team more effective. It’s not about adding a layer of knowledge, it’s about expanding your mindset and capabilities.”

– Lester Tyra, Chief Human Resources Officer


After completing the programme, Lester reorganised his team to be more collaborative. He spent time breaking down barriers between team members. He successfully guided them towards solving their own problems, rather than having them look to him for solutions.

Having enabled his teams with the tools and guidance needed to successfully implement changes, Lester noticed that members felt more confident about taking on roles, knowing who to lean on, and how to build global connections amongst peers. Lester also built a new team to handle 20 ‘problem contracts. Nine months later, all 20 projects had been resolved, eliminating friction. This resulted in greater ease of transacting with customers, and faster facilitation. Lester believes the new, collaborative approach was pivotal in achieving this. Staff turnover is lower, and teams are more established. Employee satisfaction increased dramatically with a 99% participation rate in employee surveys. Despite economic headwinds, growth far exceeded the company’s expectations over a two-and-a-half-year period.

On a personal level, the Leadership Trust also helped Lester to realise that GoodPack could not rely solely on its core business but required lateral thinking to achieve growth. In so doing, Lester views his experience as having been a ‘revival’ for his career.


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