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Forging leadership to drive
change and champion new projects.


Forging leadership to drive
change and champion new projects.


year partnership with the Leadership Trust
team members felt the benefits of the open programmes

The challenge

In 2015 Knauf Insulation – part of the German Knauf building materials group – came to realise that only a re-energised and refreshed sales approach would help it overcome considerable challenges in emerging industries and markets. Searching for it became a key strategic objective, but equally they knew that without the right champions and leaders to see the project through, it was unlikely to succeed.

The Effective Sales Force Excellence programme was a pillar of that plan and Knauf approached the Leadership Trust – their training partners for more than ten years – to put together a bespoke leadership development course to support it.

The company were in pursuit of a worldwide team of champions and change agents. All required a very specific set of leadership skills that would enable them to communicate the strategy across the business, and exhibit the flexibility, thinking, and emotional understanding to see it adopted and enacted.

The process

The resulting Strategic Leadership course was deliberately shaped to accelerate the implementation of the Sales Force Excellence programme in all regions, and ensure that the best practices and most effective ideas were rapidly shared around the business.

“The Leadership Trust clearly understood our business challenges,” said Virginie Limbourg, HR Talent and Development Manager at Knauf Insulation.“We needed a leadership development programme that could respond to our business reality – a complex environment, constantly changing conditions, and many uncertainties. They grasped that, and they made it happen.”

The outcomes

Champions who went through the programme came out with a far better understanding of the value of simplicity and the art of peer-to-peer coaching, added Limbourg. They also had greater insight into the “emotional realities” of enacting change, and were able to practise specific leadership skills in a safe environment before rolling them out on projects and day-to-day activities.

During the 10-year partnership with the Leadership Trust, more than 100 team members have also been through Leadership in Management open courses, with the results still being felt today.
“Even the early adopters who attended right at the start still encourage their teams to live the same experience and to apply the key learnings in their day-to-day behaviours,” concluded Limbourg.

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