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Even elite sport teams
need a confidence boost.

Women's GB
Hockey Team

Even elite sport teams
need a confidence boost.

The Challenge

Preparing the team for the London 2012 Olympics

The Process

‘Personal’ leadership and building confidence is an essential part of any athlete’s training for a major event and prior to the Olympics Head Coach Danny Kerry wanted his team as primed and positive as they could be for the competition.


“Our type of leadership development focuses on knowing and controlling yourself which is crucial under the sort of pressure events like the Olympics generate,” said Rob Noble, CEO of the Leadership Trust.

All 28 players attended the specially designed three-day course, staged at the Leadership Trust’s headquarters in, Herefordshire.

“Our Course Director worked on the course design and delivery with the facilitators,” added Rob, “while the staff at Penyard House made sure the athletes were comfortable and that all their dietary requirements were met during their stay.

“Having a team of such elite athletes on-site was a real buzz for everyone.”


“I’ve experienced leadership development here myself and I know the power of what goes on at the Leadership Trust,” said Danny Kerry. “I asked the facilitation team to really press all the players on certain issues, and they delivered accordingly.”

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Women's GB Hockey Team



Number of employees

28 players

Duration of programme

3 days

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