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Empowering Leaders at CTG to Manage Complex Environments

CTG is an acclaimed private sector company specialising in staffing solutions for humanitarian and development organisations in conflict-prone areas. Following a significant period of growth and geographic expansion, CTG faced a number of challenges. Team members had to take on more responsibility and were suddenly in charge of larger departments. CTG COO James Veysey believed the team needed leadership skills to help empower them to adapt to the company’s new structure.

James wanted the company to shift from a culture heavily reliant on a few top leaders to one that encourages self-motivation and independence to empower leadership across all levels.

Devising a Bespoke Programme to Empower Leaders

James and the Leadership Trust’s programme facilitators, Vicki Howe and Jon Davidge, worked together to create a bespoke programme aimed at addressing these challenges. Despite the COVID-19 constraints and the different geographical locations of team members, they set up a flexible training solution that could accommodate all everyone on the team. The programme, Leading in Complex Environments, was a blend of modular online learning and one-on-one coaching sessions designed to meet CTG’s goals for leadership development.

The modular training approach was intended to improve critical thinking and foster behavioural change through active learning. This was also the first time many of the team members experienced executive coaching. The one-on-one coaching experience helped them to identify areas of improvement in every aspect of their lives.

“I think there will always be a time and a place for what Leadership Trust does.”

– James Veysey, COO


The ‘Leading in Complex Environments’ programme produced significant results. Notable results included heightened morale, improved employee retention, and remarkable company growth.

Company Growth

When the programme began, CTG had approximately 70 employees, a number that has since expanded to 200. Importantly, every employee who participated in the programme is still a member of the CTG team today.

A Confident and Empowered Team

Perhaps the most powerful outcome was the significant boost in self-confidence and self-belief among programme participants. The programme has resulted in a more empowered workforce, supporting CTG’s mission to make a positive impact and generate economic value in the regions in which it operates.

CTG’s commitment to developing its leaders has not only driven its own success but also made a positive contribution to the regions it serves. The ‘Leading in Complex Environments’ programme highlights the transformative power of purpose-driven leadership development, ensuring that CTG’s continued expansion is led by capable, confident, and empowered leaders.

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