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Creating leadership to deliver
growth in a challenging industry

Engro Foods Ltd

Creating leadership to deliver
growth in a challenging industry.


engaged employees, reaching through the ranks
years to grow from a business of 15 people to around 1700, fastest growing FMCG business in Pakistan
years focusing on trust, resourcefulness and execution

The challenge

In 2012 dairy product-based business Engro Foods Ltd realised its industry was encountering a crisis. Trading was difficult, sales volumes were down. As a relatively young company determined to grow, Engro Foods Ltd knew it would need to significantly strengthen the leadership capabilities of its sales team to give it both flexibility and an edge in the market.

“It had become an increasingly complex working environment, internally and externally,” said Muhammad Shoaib, HR Business Partner, Sales Dairy and Beverages and Ice Cream. “We needed a programme that would allow our team members to work together to achieve high performance in those difficult circumstances.”

The process

Working with the Leadership Trust, Engro Foods Ltd chose three areas to focus on – trust, resourcefulness and execution. “We wanted our people to believe in themselves and their capabilities, and trust their ability to have an impact on a large scale,” explained Muhammad Shoaib.

The programme was a success and was soon being extended to every department of the company. Nearly 200 employees have engaged in the development programme, which reaches through the ranks from those achieving their first managerial position to the most senior executives.

The outcomes

“Looking back across those three years, that trust is very much there now,” says Muhammad Shoaib. “Resourcefulness is patchy, and we know we have more to do, but it is considerably improved. And from concept to execution, the discussions we now have around strategy, numbers and the industry are far better.”

Success has been considerable. In ten years Engro Foods Ltd has transformed from a business of 15 people to around 1700 and a half billion-dollar company. It is the fastest growing FMCG business in Pakistan, with the work of the Leadership Trust credited as one of the contributory factors to that growth under tough conditions.

Meanwhile the training continues says, Salman Goheer, Director Human Resource. It features both general leadership development for everyone who reaches managerial status, “and what we call ‘Leadership Trust 2’. It’s an exclusive session for the Management Committee and the General Managers of the organisation, designed with a prime focus on communication.”

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