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Effectively Communicating Change at Goodpack

Established in 1980 and based in Singapore, Goodpack is the largest global logistics provider in the world. They deliver secure, sustainable, and cost-effective packaging and supply chain solutions.

Following an acquisition by global investment firm, KKR, their goal was to evolve from a product-based company into a solutions provider. And to achieve their growth ambitions, they needed to educate their sales team to transition from relationship selling to solution selling.

With a significant change to communicate and put in place, Goodpack chose to work with the Leadership Trust. In partnership, we developed a bespoke programme to enable an effective approach in terms of leadership and change management, to ensure buy-in from the team.

Business Growth Challenges: Implementing Change

Led by Business Development Advisor, Andy Cooper, in partnership with the Leadership Trust, the team went on a transformative journey in four phases.

  • Phase one was all about engagement, with the CEO setting the stage for open discussions and alignment on the issues at hand.
  • Phase two delved into real-world challenges, providing a platform for exchanging stories and sharing perspectives.
  • Phase three focused on resolving specific business challenges through role-playing scenarios and bridging knowledge gaps.
  • Phase four centred on individual growth. Each team member devised a personal development plan based on strengths and areas for improvement identified during the programme.

The phased approach helped implement effective leadership and communication of business objectives to drive team transformation.

By breaking the process down into different phases, Goodpack’s leaders could effectively address issues, share perspectives, and develop solutions. A structured approach ensured that team members were actively involved in the process, leading to better communication, collaboration, and overall success in navigating change and achieving business objectives.


The bespoke Leadership Trust programme not only transformed the sales team, but the entire company’s approach to problem-solving, communication, and leadership through change. With improved communication between senior management and the sales team, Goodpack have been able to successfully bring about change to achieve their objectives.

I’d be very happy to recommend Leadership Trust. I think it’s a very sincere, capable organisation. There’s a very genuine desire to understand your issues and help you as an organisation to be successful. I’ve been in lots of training sessions before, and I think Leadership Trust’s approach was probably the best I’ve seen.

-Andy Cooper, Business Development Advisor

Join us in celebrating the success of Goodpack and the impact of the Leadership Trust’s bespoke programme in empowering them to grow as a solutions provider.

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