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Building leadership to handle competition and crisis.


Building leadership to
handle competition and crisis.


years partnership with the Leadership Trust

The challenge

For 15 years this accomplished and privately-owned manufacturing business has used our programmes as introductions to essential leadership skills for those rising through the ranks of a fast growing company.

However, in recent years, as the top strata of the organisation has changed, the focus has shifted to spread inspiring and open-minded leadership further through the business and make it a key part of the culture rather than a developmental rite of passage.

Along the way, the group has faced tough challenges from offshore competition, but has responded by diversifying, expanding globally and adopting an innovating mindset.


The process

Employees at Hexadex have regularly accessed the Leadership in Management and Leadership for Directors programmes, as well as coaching opportunities. “These are very powerful and inspiring tools,” said Managing Director Andy Meakin, “and I know our people find them a benefit, not just from a business stance, but in their own lives too.”


The outcomes

Sending employees who are not currently in senior management positions onto different courses has helped give the business a ‘common language’, said Andy Meakin. “It’s a shared experience that brings people together, especially in a crisis. It helps you react quickly. It also makes people realise that in challenging circumstances you can’t go forward unless there’s a clear leader and a clear brief. In fact, we sometimes treat the situations we encounter as Leadership Trust exercises.”

“We’ve also used one or two senior people from the Leadership Trust as mentors in the organisation, somebody to run things past and to challenge you outside of the business. Because of the way they think about things, they come at that in a very different way and we find that very beneficial.”

“The number one thing we need to do more of – like so many businesses- is be outward looking; to understand your outside world rather than relying on old fables and ways of thinking that have gone unchallenged for too long.”

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