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Market deregulated. Competition increased. Leadership to drive growth.

Buckles Solicitors LLP

Market deregulated. Competition increased. Leadership to drive growth.


years partnership with the Leadership Trust
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The challenge

The Legal Services Act of 2007 has seen unprecedented change within the legal sector. These changes bring a great deal of opportunity for growth, but also threat from previously unheard of competitors. It is a time for the leadership team in any legal firm to start preparing for a very different landscape.
If you’re familiar with the saying ‘get big, get niche or get out’ you may wonder what a mid-sized, full-service law firm is to do when it wants to thrive and grow.
Buckles focused its strategy around linking customer satisfaction and employee engagement with financial measures. There’s a clear business case for employee engagement with research showing well-engaged employees achieve higher productivity, as well as shaping positive customer experiences. One of the key engagement levers Buckles has within its arsenal is the impact that the leadership team has on its staff.

The process

Buckles has some fantastic Partners, lawyers who are commercial, results focused and technically flawless. This is what they have been trained to do, but no one except for a few, had ever spent real time developing their leadership skills and few realised how much bottom line value leadership skills can bring to the business.
Buckles was keen to find a solution that focused on those partners, understanding their needs and drivers and most importantly how these can be used to drive change and growth within the business. With a diverse partnership in terms of both skill set and leadership experience, a solution that would provide them with several elements was required:

  • Detailed analysis and exploration of behaviour and impact.
  • An experience away from the office.
  • An open session away from their peer group so they could learn from other people’s experiences and other sector’s knowledge.

Working in partnership with the Leadership Trust over a two year period, Buckles was able to develop a training schedule of coaching and open programmes at a senior level, which would ultimately lead to a planned finale of bringing all the leadership teams together again to share learning and build for the future.

The outcomes

“We wanted to see real and sustained behaviour change for our partners and this is what we have seen. It created openness at the Partnership level to share experiences as people went through the course – this has helped build a stronger network,” says Jennie Oliver, Chief Operating Officer at Buckles LLP.  “Staff have fed back that they can see visible differences and increases in engagement scores in leadership are testament to the success of the programme.”

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