Empowering Authentic Leadership at Alliance Medical

Alliance Medical is Europe’s leading independent provider of imaging services, delivering high-quality diagnostic solutions in partnership with public and private healthcare organisations. The company has helped customers dramatically improve end-to-end imaging processes, quality of care, and patient outcomes for more than 20 years.

Ian Hunt’s Journey of Self Discovery

After working for large corporations throughout his career, Ian Hunt experienced an identity crisis and a lack of confidence in his role as Alliance Medical’s Director of Commercial Finance. Driven by a desire to fit in with corporate culture, he started adopting the behaviours of his colleagues and mistaking their actions with success.

As a result, Ian put aside his authentic self. Despite his impressive career, he found that maintaining a façade was becoming exhausting. He wanted a more fulfilling career journey that would allow him to be true to himself and embrace authentic leadership.

Unlocking Authentic Leadership

Inspired by the Leadership Trust’s experiential approach to learning, Ian enrolled on the Leadership in Management programme. While in the safe environment of the programme’s residential course, he discovered that leadership is about who you are, not the role you are in. This realisation brought him a sense of relief along with a clear vision for his future goals.

The 5.5-day residential aspect of the programme brings together diverse leaders from various industries for a journey of self-discovery and increased self-awareness. The programme helps business leaders find their purpose, achieve personal and professional growth, develop their own authentic leadership style, and boost confidence within their organisations.

Beyond business, the programme offers valuable insights into work-life balance and personal relationships, with 12 months of continued support.

Absolutely go for it. Genuinely one of the best weeks of my life. It’s more than just a week-long experience; it’s a transformational journey that will help you achieve your goals and live your best life.

Ian Hunt, Director of Finance at Alliance Medical

New Leadership Approach and Promotion

A month after completing the residential component of the programme, Ian was promoted to Director of Finance at Alliance Medical. In this role, Ian introduced his newfound approach of authentic and ethical leadership, prioritising empathy at the company.

“The 12-month continued support has allowed me to build a network of brilliant contacts and gives me reassurance that I will continue to grow,” said Ian.

From Transactional to Authentic Leadership

Ian’s communication style transformed from transactional to authentic, a must for his role in finance where he needs to effectively motivate teams deliver outcomes. The insights of his diverse peers on the programme also helped him feel more confident to share new ideas, and be more engaged and proactive in his work.

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