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Léa Cléret

Léa Cléret


Léa has a Ph.D in philosophy specialising in ethics in sport, with a special focus on the use of performance enhancing substances. This led her to spend close to decade working with athletes on large scale behaviour change programmes with the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Léa was then asked to expand her mandate into the field of conducts which breach sport integrity, in particular match-fixing. During this mandate, she had to up-skill and studied criminology in order to understand the specifics of the criminal mind. This Continual Professional Development reinforced her passionate belief in the power of personal development and brought Léa’s attention to the Leadership Trust in October 2016.

Lord Westbury, MBE

Lord Westbury, MBE


Chairman of strategic partner The Chelsea Group, Richard was Deputy Chief Executive of the Leadership Trust from 1988 to 1991, following a distinguished military career.  During his time in the SAS he worked on every continent and was intimately involved in many international incidents during the 1980s.

In 1991, Richard was invited to join Defence Systems Ltd., a company providing security services mainly in Africa.  He became a director and Deputy Chief Executive in 1993 and Chief Executive Officer in 1995.  During this time, the client base was increased from 8 to over 200 multinational companies and supra-national agencies.  In 1996, Richard and the Chairman of Defence Systems led a successful management buyout from Hambro Group Investments with the support of NatWest Ventures and DLJ Phoenix and merged with a U.S. public company.

In 1999 he formed the HART Group, providing specialised security services on a global basis before going on to form a number of other businesses which now make up The Chelsea Group.  Employing some 8,000 people across 48 countries the group operates companies in security, power generation, human resources, construction and strategic consultancy.

Mike Madden

Mike Madden

Company Secretary

Mike is currently Chief Financial Officer of The Chelsea Group. After qualifying as a chartered certified accountant in 1979, Mike embarked upon an international career that provided him with a diverse range of experience within different industry sectors and varied geographical and cultural environments. Following the successful sale of the international security services business to G4S, in which Mike was a major shareholder and whilst retaining an equity stake in a Tanzanian tourism company, Hoopoe Ltd; he joined The Hart Group in 2007. 

Mike’s varied experience includes merger and acquisition activities, fund raising, international taxation, risk management and mitigation, strategic planning and negotiation, treasury management, group external and internal auditing, group finance and accounting for world-wide business units in both emerging and first-world markets.

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