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Jerry Richardson

During my attendance on the Leadership in Management programme in 2009, I was selected to be a coach, they saw the qualities that on reflection I know I had but didn’t see. I know and believe, from the coaching and mentoring I have received, and given, that as a coach I can help people by providing the opportunities to step off their (increasingly fast moving) train and pause, look at where they are, where they want, need to be, and come up with options that will help them to get there.

Doing this not by advising them using my knowledge and experience, look at me and what I have done, bask in its glory and follow; but just by asking questions that open up doors onto paths that take them to where they want to go, and supporting them as they travel. When useful, to move on a space, overcome an obstacle moving into mentoring (with permission) when my knowledge and experience can benefit


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